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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #237612012-04-26 20:15:13Maryam said:

    Wow thank you DC

    • 21 years old
    • Lives in Berlin, Germany
    • Former Moderator (before quitting)
    • Does not like alcohol
    • Owns many series of books in which he writes reviews on
    • Avid gamer
    • Birthday is on August 24th
    • Likes lolis (Most definitely)
    • Has a rowdy family
    • His sleeping pattern very off track
    • Seemingly never sleeps

    I'm positive I know more it just isn't coming to me ;A;

  2. #237692012-04-26 20:48:09omochialien said:
    • ori's sister

    • is really creepy with the fucking knowing about everyone thing

    if mary and ori don't write a cl dictionary i will be disappoint

  3. #237702012-04-26 20:51:49 *Paul said:

    Serious post @Lycan. But yes, feel free to add on.

    • doesn't draw.
    • has long flowy hair and loves to use tiny afro clips of various colors. frazzy nose hair but wishes to someday grow them out into hippie dreadlocks.
    • thinks sonic, homestuck, legend of korra, pokemon, professor layton, mlp, earthbound are all gayz.
    • jew. or asian. used to be black when she was like 4 or something.
    • makes really bad puns
    • disgusting eating/slobbering habits
    • really wants to get into wrestling league
    • smallest tits. i put her to shame
    • multiple tats of ponta
    • abuses dog with steel bat, and wants to be a vet so she can abuse all dem dogs
    • actually, she probably wants to beat you up too
    • owns puerto rican slave children
    • talks like dwayne johnson
    • midlife crisis every time she sees a pan with egg left in it.
  4. #237722012-04-26 20:56:10 *Domo said:
    • Indonesian and German
    • Red hair and freckles
    • Used to RP on Gaia
    • Refers to herself as a "panda"
    • Cosplayed as Nepeta and I think Ness
    • Learned about hentai at 8
    • That's all, I guess

    omg Ponta no

    • Lives in Chicago?
    • Korean
    • Has a brother
    • Should be 17
    • Birthday is Feb 28th or some shit
    • Likes curry
    • Has huge tits and really pretty girlfriend who is hotter than anyone else
  5. #238302012-04-27 09:27:18Trisak said:

    Is NOT in the 1% Hosted CL's Greatest Quote: "My boyfriend does this really cute thing where he doesn't exist." which I found funny, and also kinda sad at the same time. Never seen Domo on chat (might just be me though)

    yeah, I donno more than that : /

  6. #238792012-04-27 15:02:22 *Chou said:

    ^ Has mad skills when it comes to interior design Loves Lumpy Space princess Is Filipino Has a great sense of humor Hosted an awesome TinyChat Is the best Sieg in the world Born 14 January 22 years old(?) Owns the most adorable hamsters ever