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How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #241962012-04-29 21:49:06Usagii said:

    ^ From what I can collect :

    • Plays World of Warcraft?
    • Live in the US
    • Has a Samsung Galaxy Note
    • Is a good girl
    • Gives out chastity belts sometimes
  2. #241982012-04-29 22:24:19Everyone said:

    Enjoy's busty loli's.

    Hate's dark colored nipples. Pink all the way.

    Is on his way to recording the many tales of his adventures such as his origins of becoming a rapist.

    K-ON obviously.

  3. #242082012-04-30 00:33:42 *Maudia said:

    Lord Commissar E-Book Enthusiast Is really REALLY into Warhammer 40000 And really really REALLY likes video games. LOVES TO PINCH

  4. #242132012-04-30 01:37:20SirTingles said:
    ^Is a swine, but a decent one.
    Always seems excited when I log onto chat, though I almost never say anything.
    Has fuckin' awesome gravatars.
    10/10 would bang.
    Pic related.
  5. #242202012-04-30 02:47:10Kyuuun said:


    Is Chris. Lives in OC. ...Vietnamese. Is in love with Justin. Major faggot. Has the ugliest phone ever.


  6. #246172012-05-02 18:51:25Ipotane said:

    Hates a whole bunch of people Draws cool pictures Streams random ass shark movies that make me laugh a whole bunch

  7. #246202012-05-02 18:58:04 *Ipotane said:


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    The main effects and risks of ecstasy include:

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  8. #246212012-05-02 19:02:21 *Ecstasy said:

    @Ipotane pot for short, right? Pot (n. Slang) - Marijuana

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    see moar on, ya know, wikipedia

    edit: now I've edited this post 3 times too.