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Japanese friend needed!

  1. #239222012-04-27 21:28:33hais said:

    aww pihu!!! it's been like a year and a half since i last seen you ;; come back more often~ ((off topic))

  2. #239992012-04-28 04:21:53pihuana said:

    dammit, kanji. @TokoyamiSenshi ...kawaiso............ @Etheral really? you do?! 8DDDDDDD LOL at least no eroge email will send to me. 8DDDDDD but are you a real japanese? cause my sensei will check your profil out. stalka. @hais it is? okay i'll try~~ but the chat is oftenly dead, or is it just me who's laggin everytime. @eterno idk?

  3. #240082012-04-28 04:46:38Ecstasy said:

    @Ethereal I can email you walls of russian text about that dead FROZEN FISH which awaits you here (´・ω・`) I can understand 0,00000000001% Japanese. can't understand any Korean at all, though :'D but I have google translate, right?

  4. #240092012-04-28 05:05:19Decae said:

    @senkono: Meh, my Japanese is rusty after not practising or watching anime for so long. I oughta start up again... my grammar is absolute garbage. -shot-

  5. #240182012-04-28 05:26:23eterno said:

    @pihuana I'm starting to suspect that you might not have learned Japanese by your own will. Is it a school curriculum?

    I'm just saying that if you're learning Japanese by your own wish, shouldn't your teacher be, well, Japanese?

    I mean if I were to learn Japanese, I'd prefer a native speaker because they understand more of the nuances and all the important stuff. Usually if I don't get a native speaker, it means that the school assigned them to me and I'm a highschooler.

    Oh and of course: you don't understand kanji. Umm well, there's an app for Google chrome and Firefox called rikaikun and rikaichan respectively which shows you the readings and the 'meanings' but you need to know why they're there in the first place.

    Also, I wouldn't send a letter, especially to @SENsei, all written in kana. I. Just. Wouldn't...

  6. #240192012-04-28 05:46:10pihuana said:

    @eterno yes, you are right. it's just because Japanese language is not in my head right now, i got something more important to do; but im willing to learn it because i love japan, plus, am an otaku.

    yeah, it should be. but i dont have that much time for finding or go for extra lesson. im currently learning something else more important than learning japanese. just... such a limited time i have. ;_;

    yeah......... i dont. (headdesk)yay! thank you :3

    why... ._.

  7. #240442012-04-28 10:42:32TokoyamiSenshi said:


    I'll give you some of my Hitler advice. It's how I got my Japanese where it is(which is, mind you, not nearly where I want it to be, but gets me around).

    Make sure you want to learn Japanese. Your reasons don't have to be rational, humans don't work that way. They just have to be strong.

    Do you watch tv? Stop. That will give you some extra time. I presume you watch anime. Watch only subs. Rewatch raw episodes. That will give you a firm context to understand what is being said.

    Do you read books? Stop that too. Well, don't, just change the language. I hear you saying you can't read kanji. Well, that's how you learn to read kanji. Have your laptop nearby and a dictionary on radical search or even better, read online texts in Japanese. I recommend wikipedia. Find a topic on wikipedia which you'd really like to know more about and switch the language to Japanese. This is a good strategy because people don't really want to talk about stuff that doesn't interest them. I can talk about submarines and torpedoes in Japanese, but can't say much about fashion. That is not a problem though, because the extent to which I'd talk about fashion doesn't reach beyond 'pretty' and 'ugly'.

    Do you have your own room? Do you often open the fridge? When I was a little kid, I used to collect stickers of animals. I kept sticking them to the fridge where I could see them. I didn't really look at them all the time, but I learned over 200 animal species and I was 6 years old. And that's not because I am particularly smart, my brain just had no choice. It was there all the time.

    I did the same with kanji. You can do that too. Do you lie on your bed watching at the ceiling often? Cool, stick a few kanji on the ceiling. Is there a drawer that you often open? Stick a few of them inside.

    Once you start thinking "Oh, imma open that drawer and see the kanji for moon, I know it's `つき alone, and げつ in げっこう. It's also the flesh radical and appears in most body part kanji. Yeah, I could write that.", you can replace it with a new kanji.

    Be hardcore.

  8. #240532012-04-28 13:47:47eterno said:

    yeah, it should be. but i dont have that much time for finding or go for extra lesson. im currently learning something else more important than learning japanese. just... such a limited time i have. ;_;

    Oh my, it seems really important. As a guy who lacks knowledge, I suggest that you stop learning Japanese and focus all your energy on this important thing.