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  1. Tsuritama - There's something fishy going on

    #237912012-04-26 22:03:35 *Ipotane said:

    Yuki Sanada is a high school boy who cannot communicate with people well and doesn't have a single friend. He lives on Enoshima island with his grandmother. One day, he meets a boy named Haru. Haru calls himself an alien who visited the Earth for fishing. Another high school boy, Natsuki, and a mysterious Indian, Akira, join the two and the island becomes the center of the event which determines the fate of the world.

    This is probably my favourite of this seasons anime it's nice, easy going and surprisingly moving despite it's lack of seriousness. Personally I really like the characters in the show. They each have seemingly serious issues in there life which are being confronted through hilarious antics, friendship and the cathartic act of fishing... and maybe a bit of world saving.

    Also this anime has Ducks! Why the hell wouldn't you watch it?!


  2. #238012012-04-27 00:23:10 *Viral said:
    Why everyone should watch this (viral edition):

    1. The wonderful animation

    2. Tapioca(the duck) and his minions

    That is all
  3. #242682012-04-30 10:36:11 *break said:

    i really like it; it reminds me a lot of Mawaru Penguindrum in a way. alsoit has, hands down, the most gorgeous backgroudn art ever! watchign the first episode, i started mroe at the background asrt in amazement than i looked at the characters XD

  4. #313962012-06-29 03:27:28chrome said:

    This show was seriously amazing. It might be my favorite anime this season, and if it isn't that is only because it is tied with Kid's on the Slope. It is seriously just a good show that I would recommend to just about anyone.