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  1. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

    #239072012-04-27 18:51:18 *Xyopq said:

    Confirmed Characters (and their source franchises): - Kratos (God of War) - Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) - Fat Princess (Fat Princess) - Parappa (Parappa the Rapper) - Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper) - Colonel Radec (Killzone)

    Almost Definite Probable Characters: - Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) - Nathan Drake (Uncharted) - Jak &/or Daxter (Jak & Daxter) - Ratchet &/or Clank (Ratchet & Clank) - Chimera (Resistance) - Cole (Infamous) - Sackboy (Little Big Planet)

    Characters that would be cool and likely: (Third party characters have already been confirmed) - Demons Souls Guy (Demons Souls) - Monster Hunter Guy (Monster Hunter) - Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) - Sephiroth (FF7) - Cloud (FF7) - Snake (Metal Gear Solid) - Cortex (Crash Bandicoot) - Spyro (Spyro the Dragon) - Sonic (Sonic) - Amaterasu (Okami) - Dante (Devil May Cry) - Armoured Core Robot (Armoured Core) - Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) - Guan Yu (Dynasty Warriors) - Modnation Racer (Modnation Racers) - Lil &/or Laarg (Escape Plan) - Patapon (Patapon) - Spike (Ape Escape)

    Items - Hedgehog Grenade (Resistance) - Forcefield (Resistance) - Spear of Destiny (God of War)


    Each stage takes elements from two games


    Little Big Planet/Buzz


    Jak & Daxter/Everybody's Golf


    God of War/Patapon


    Ratchet & Clank/God of War

    Extra Reading/Watching: Gametrailers have a few interviews with people that got to play the game.

  2. #239132012-04-27 19:51:19Noodle said:

    If this plays like Smash Bros, then why the hell not? I read somewhere about Sora and Cloud and having characters like that would be awesome.

  3. #239852012-04-28 02:41:11break said:

    well this does seem interesting. i have no clue who that princess is though. also, they better include Ratchet!

  4. #239912012-04-28 03:38:51Zechs said:

    It's a direct rip of SSB, BUT I can't tell the characters apart because the colours are so muted. SSB has bright colours so you can tell the characters apart. In this, its just greyish blobs.

    As far as mechanics goes, god that looks like a direct rip with larger sized characters. It even has meteor strikes and SSBB's ultimate transformation move.


  5. #239922012-04-28 03:46:28break said:

    @Zechs well the only surprise in this is that they took so long to make a direct SSB rip. it didnt take even a fraction of that time for mario kart to get ripped for several other franchises and systems, either after all (i remember i used to own a mario kart ripoff with the crash bandicoot characters. the gameplay wasnt as good as the original, but the tracks were nicely designed.)

  6. #343662012-07-29 17:28:17Xyopq said:

    Some guys and or gals have hacked into the beta files for the game and found some characters and stages that haven't been announced yet here