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Avatar the last Airbender

  1. #240972012-04-29 01:55:33bleachedsnow said:

    I've only watched The Last Airbender film adaptation. Does the plot of it stick to the animation?

    I never watched all of the Water book, but I'd say plot wise, it's pretty close. They skipped over stuff, but that's inevitable. The characterization, scripting, bending and pretty much everything else was terrible though. Seriously, pumping up chi like an airsoft gun and releasing it when you have enough?

  2. #241072012-04-29 05:11:16Ashkachan said:

    The movie was basically shitting on the entire cartoon. The cartoon has class, a lot more than many cartoons have.

    I think even Bryke, the creators, said something about Shamalamadingdong ruining, or at least jabbing the movie's script in one of their commentaries. And they have every single right to be.

    Most of the cast, even Katara's actor never watched the show in their life. Wrongwronwrong.

  3. #241102012-04-29 07:00:08Xyopq said:

    I think we should all just assume that the live action film was not affiliated with The Last Airbender in any way, shape or form and was just another terrible movie by Shamalama.

  4. #246122012-05-02 18:29:21JacquesTheZombie said:

    They screwed up bad on the film. So bad that I was glad I didnt pay for the 3-D version. I saw the credits roll and I think i shouted "What The Fuck!?" and then the guy sitting down the row said "Yeah! What he said!" If the Hollywood people would have watched the whole show they would have realized that they are missing some major points in their movie.

  5. #246442012-05-03 01:08:38Mau said:

    I never watched the movie, because of the whole whitewashing thing, it was pretty disgraceful, it's bad enough they butchered the plot from what I heard, but then they whitewashed up shit and fucked the inspirations behind avatar right up the ass.