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  1. Paper size and Pencil

    #241302012-04-29 12:08:47eterno said:

    So I've been drawing for a while but as time goes by, I find it hard to draw on small papers.

    I've been using 11" x 14" from the end of last year. But now, I sincerely think that making a very detailed drawing is hard even on this size. So I just switched up to 14" x 17" for normal sketches (Arrggghh!! So many details on very little space!!!)

    Oh and I also just switched down to HB for sketching. I find 2B to smear a lot while I sketch and H sizes are too fine to be visible. I do hope however that I'd be able to use the finer H pencils because HB's line still seems too fuzzy.

    So, what about you guys?

  2. #241482012-04-29 14:29:25shafnat said:

    i'm using A4 paper size, and 2B pencil for the sketches. after it i don't need penciling anymore. i just bold it by pen and erase the pencil. ^^

  3. #241542012-04-29 15:19:13judar said:

    Generally, I sketch using a mechanical HB pencil so you get more precise and easier to see lines like this =


    But that's only if I'm going to line digitally, if I wanted to line traditionally, I'd transfer the sketch onto another piece of paper and then line and I'd probably use a 5B or darker pencil.

  4. #241572012-04-29 15:25:10judar said:

    @eterno Bs do smudge quite a bit but since I only really need it show up when underneath another piece of paper, it's not a problem = w = ! I'm so unprofessional ahaha orz

  5. #241672012-04-29 16:51:33MrTrain said:

    I use letter size paper and HB to draw and sketch, and an H6 for fine details. :B I rarely use Bs, but generally to avoid smudges and smearing I do two things: 1. When you draw over an area, use another piece of paper to rest where your hand meets the lead so it doesn't smudge on your hand. 2. When erasing use a brush to wipe away the residue and bits, something like a paint brush will do.

  6. #241742012-04-29 17:39:24judar said:

    @MrTrain thanks for the tips! I've heard of doing that but I always forget these things and rush in and everything eventually goes blurgh ehe

  7. #242032012-04-30 00:14:24eterno said:

    @MrTrain For erasing, I always use kneaded eraser because it doesn't leave residue and bits, and well, kneadable :)

    In fact, I even use it outside of artworks and sometimes people ask me what it is. It really doesn't look like a conventional eraser and more like a piece of lint lol

  8. #242102012-04-30 00:50:54 *Mau said:

    I usually work with 9x12 paper, though I'm adjusting to using 11x14. I don't like working too big, unless I'm painting. Sometimes I just use regular A4 paper.

    As for pens and pencils, I have no specific preference, but I usually use anything from HB or 2B for sketching. 2h or H if I want to sketch light, so I can ink the sketch and erase the pencilwork easily.

  9. #242242012-04-30 03:38:41 *Jin_sama said:

    Pencils and papers are for pussies!

    lol joking, can't remember the last time i touch paper and pencil but when I used to, I use HB pencils, 2B pencils and mechanical pencils, each of them good for a different thing but i work with what i have most of the time.

    now I'm going digital 100% _ more convenient but tbh, line art work on digital sucks compare to pencil line art. And so because of that, I've created a weird situation for myself, to make the "perfect" painting, I like to sketch digitally, cos its fast, convenient, easy to Undo, trace, redraw, liquidfy, transform so you can get the form you looking for much faster and more accurate than on paper. But then as I said, I want pencil line art, so when I'm done with sketching digitally, i'd have to print the sketch out and trace it with pencil. And to colour it, i'd have to scan the pencil line art back into my computer! such a lengthy procedure :( i hope i get the chance to try it at some point tho, see how it'd work out for me.

  10. #242362012-04-30 05:27:36bleachedsnow said:

    I stick with HB pencils and about an A4 paper size (more or less). I draw really small though so it doesn't really bother me all that much. But that's only for random sketches and crap.

    Anything that requires a lot of detail is on my ginormous 18x24 inch drawing pad with my even more ginormous drawing board. 18x24 pads are used quite often. A lot of my friends use those all the time when they're not using a sketchbook.

  11. #249592012-05-06 22:04:18Trev said:

    0.9 mechanical gives the best feel for anything where you don't need superfine points. I love the feeling of control and smooth lines a

    big thick lead

    gives me.

  12. #249662012-05-06 23:53:04 *bleachedsnow said:

    These pencils are really nice. I've used one, and it's pretty much like having an eternally sharp No. 2 pencil. Not too sharp, just the perfect thickness needed for drawing. The line control is great. But it's really expensive IMO:3

  13. #252902012-05-09 20:05:45eterno said:

    @Jin_sama @YumiToho True, paper and pencils are just tools really. What matters is the outcome and not the tools.

    But what I'm really curious about is what size do you guys draw on. Since you guys do digital art, could you tell me the pixel dimensions of your working canvas?

  14. #253092012-05-09 23:01:37Momimochi said:

    Waitwhat. Paper sizes and pencil types? Oh God, you picky people.

    Use whatever I have at the moment, which includes drawing on those small stickies if I get desperate in class.