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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Version 3)

  1. #264972012-05-19 12:38:10ImagineBreaker said:

    Really? I think Mamiko Noto did a great job with Einhalt.

    I think Kana Asumi wins the award for most voiced characters in Nanoha. Since she voices, Yuri/U-D Tio and Isis. Though Nana Mizuki does Fate, Alicia and Levi so it's a tie I guess XD

  2. #265002012-05-19 13:11:36break said:

    she di dod a good job; i just think another voice woulve fit the character a little better^^ but thta doesnt diminish the awesome quality of the voiceactign itself of course. also ill grow used to it. when they animate it. F*** yeah. maybe. soemtime. maybe. hopefully.
    im nto sure who levi was...

  3. #265182012-05-19 17:04:13break said:

    ah i see.... thats to be expected, sicne i dotn have a psp and thereore never tried the games out. arent there soem adaptions, a manga or soemthing?

  4. #265192012-05-19 17:08:49ImagineBreaker said:

    Now that I think about it...there isn't. Though there was a 4koma focusing on the Materials somewhere. But it's bound to happen....or so we all hope.

  5. #268612012-05-23 15:54:34animeftw said:
    just spent $50 for these 2 posters, worth it :3 or........not OTL but who cares :3
    Vivio sealed the deal

  6. #269852012-05-24 16:29:31break said:

    @animeftw i have abuznch of these posters, includign the one with hayate, which i dotn need. got them for free in magazines (nyantype) (also you shouldve prolly just bought the nyantype issue, its around 14€-20€ or so.. an dits.. not just a poster....) i shoudl prolly try rippign off unknowing people tooo and sell them on ebay xD including a bathroom thing with iris and the maoin girl from FORCE.... i never use it anyways, and it was a free extra liek these posters too.

  7. #273482012-05-26 22:00:09break said:

    speaking of which, i am thinkign of gettign a tattooo of Fate. im nto sure which pic to use though; if any of you have a good idea, let me know~ so far, i guess the best suited i found so far would be this one

  8. #278242012-05-30 10:55:30 *ImagineBreaker said:
    @animeftw Vivio is as dangerously adorable as ever I see~

    @break Not bad!! Never been into tattooing but not bad. Fate seems to look more like Levi there though~

    Guess I'll do my share of image spamming! I'd really prefer the images were shrunk to a reasonable size though.....

    Finished watched the GOD DVD, still a little disappointed but it did have THIS which makes the triple breaker in A's look well...weak

    Guess I'll move onto my not as interesting manga collection.

    Since 3 of those are new I'll go into more detail~

    Saving the best till last....

  9. #278442012-05-30 15:18:55 *animeftw said:
    i shall await for u to get a camera
    thats pretty harcore
    impressive collection, ebay here i come and damn Y DIDN'T I BUY THE 1ST MOVIE EARLIER OTL its hella expensive

    random comics


    also i just showed the Nanoha Movie to my siter and she thought it was great and gave it a 8/10 and she likes Fate although i told her to see at least the 1st 2 eps of A's but refues "since the animation is old" god i hate when she says that BUT she says she will watch the A's movie.
  10. #278712012-05-30 18:37:51ImagineBreaker said:

    Poor Vita...though it was pretty cute still. Hayate into YunoxChrono was pretty amusing too~ Also that glass is incredible!!

    @animeftw that was the reason I didn't buy it straight away. I only recently started importing. It's worth it though, can't wait to listen to the audio commentary.

    You get people like that sadly....but at least she'll give A's a chance.

  11. #284872012-06-04 15:44:13animeftw said:

    wonder how long we gotta wait for the mopvie to come out on DVD/Blue-ray AND YES FINALLY MY POSTERS HAVE ARRIVED!!!

  12. #284942012-06-04 17:01:13ImagineBreaker said:

    Well let's look back at first. The release was in January and the DVD/BD was in November. So....10 months meaning....February 2013....

    Also that's amazing!!

  13. #284962012-06-04 17:43:04animeftw said:

    @ImagineBreaker OTL, that pretty long wait there but hopefully its shorter and i have been recently in a Nanoha Craze been buying a crap load of merchindise so far on list i have -Posters -just ordered that cup i posted -the blue-ray movie almost have it another 2 weeks of wait and im getting this, price tag of almost $200 -i just found out there 2 other cuos of both fate and nanoha on them