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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Version 3)

  1. #20652011-12-29 17:35:16break said:

    @animeftw not directly: they apparently make a new version of her each year or so? im gonna get the next one, "fuwa fuwa muffler" version or so.

  2. #20712011-12-29 17:40:38break said:

    uhhhhm you mean the item itsel for the info on it? as for the nendo itself, im afraid its not up for preeorder yet.

  3. #20742011-12-29 17:46:31ImagineBreaker said:

    @break I wish I had a sister like that, instead I got a brother that teases and even tells me parents I've been buying "adult games" in secret. Fortunately they ignore it XD

    As would I, guess I'll be ordering both issues XD

  4. #20862011-12-29 18:35:17break said:

    haha well dont worry thats ust how siblings are^^ my sis ease sme with it too, despite beeign understandign^^ hah kay

  5. #20972011-12-29 19:39:04ImagineBreaker said:

    @break teasing is one thing but announcing it out loud is another story :3

    They've updated the official page for the movie including goods www.nanoha.com/goods.html

    From what I can tell there'll be another 2 Drama CDs - Side T and Side Y (Y clearly stands for Yagami but T, Testarossa?) More awesome stuff too can be seen. Turns out they're being sold today at C81!! Makes my regret even bigger!

    One thing that really caught my eye is the "No.211「NANOHA The MOVIE 2nd A's PROJECT」× No.212「PROJECT DD」"

    A Dog Days A's project!!? Talk about awesome!!

  6. #21042011-12-29 19:54:02break said:

    ah yoru right i guess^^

    yaaay. i. NEED. that vita-shirt!

    nice, nice^^ true.. makes me wodner, does vita have a last name?

    ohh wow!

  7. #21102011-12-29 20:01:05ImagineBreaker said:
    @break being that Vita fan I am I can't avoid to miss it! Heck if I get a PSV one day I'd do this if it was real~

    Heck I'd probably buy all those stuff including the CDs!
    Which reminds me, since the 1st movie was a demonstration video following StrikerS (looking at the audio commentary and 1st Drama CD) it looks like this will be during the time of Force looking at the cover having Thoma/Touma as well as the other ViviD/Force cast).

    Canon alternate retelling ftw!!

    Vita doesn't have a last name, unless the Knights took the Yagami family name but it's not mentioned.

    Pretty awesome stuff no? I wonder what it'll be <3
  8. #21112011-12-29 20:02:35break said:

    of course, im just a sbig a vita fan as you!

    eh? what do you mena, a demonstartion followinf strikers? and yes, it would be aweosme if force and vivid got animated~


    hmmm mysterious

    tre true~

  9. #21122011-12-29 20:10:58ImagineBreaker said:

    @break I thought so!!

    What I meant is according to the Movie 1st Drama CDs an education video was made using the story of Nanoha and Fate's first meeting as an model. Following StrikerS this program was made and before release Nanoha and Fate were given the task of looking at it, they notice the changes but accept it. In the official release of the movie there's audio commentary which is pretty much the StrikerS cast commenting as if they're watching the movie together.

    From that I can deduce that 1st and the later movies are actual movies in the Nanoha universe that are supposed to act as training videos of some kind. Though I'm sure they'd be crying more than appreciating how skilled mages can act, especially at such a young age XD

    Looking at the art for 2nd's Drama CDs you can see the ViviD cast on Side T and the Force cast on Side Y. Meaning a possibility that the movies are made at the time of ViviD/Force.


    Very mysterious~ Though they might actually explain that in the StrikerS CDs which I'll listen to if I have time after watching Shana and Mirai Nikki.

    Yup!! Can't wait~ Hopefully we'll get a trailer for 2nd too XD

  10. #22402011-12-29 23:22:53ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw that was indeed saddening. Yuuno became really distant whilst Arf was living back in Nanoha's hometown if I remember correctly. There was a great Drama CD where Nanoha and co (including the students) go back and meet Arf, Arisa and all the other humans. They were sent on a mission to track down a Jewel Seed I think.

    What's this I hear? There was a trailer for A's released today? What? You wanna see it?? Hmm.....WHY NOT!?~

  11. #22432011-12-29 23:36:12animeftw said:

    HOLY SHIT AWESOME sucks we will have to wait orever like half a year to even see this with subs OTL and now for a random comment from youtube "SUTARAITO BUREKA!!!!!" YES! Hayate in all her HD glory :3

  12. #22452011-12-29 23:45:50ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw I know right :3

    Well it'll be on the big screen in June/July so maybe if we're lucky we'll have to wait till Christmas. Subs ain't an issues since the BD/DVD should come with them again and it'll be subbed shortly after release because of it.

    Though I might consider just watching the BD if I buy it before then.

    That's not a random comment, it's relevant!!

    Indeed, looking forward to seeing how they manage to retell something that was already awesome and make it better like they did with 1st XD

  13. #24342011-12-30 14:40:29ImagineBreaker said:

    @break it is pretty interesting. Nanoha meeting her family was pretty soothing in the Drama CD

    Figured you'd have that response :3

    There's already been some completely new scenes like Hayate on the train for example.

  14. #24522011-12-30 15:54:27break said:


    hah of course

    ah your right, your right. figures hayate's gettng mroe deveopment here eh? woders if shes also gettign mroe action than in the original.

  15. #24552011-12-30 16:14:41ImagineBreaker said:

    @break XD

    I doubt they'll give Hayate any more action then there was in the series. More screen time and development is possible though XD

    I'm curious as to what they'll do about the scene where Snow Rain played in the original. The track was too fitting to that scene and was actually written by the guy in charge.

    I can expect instrumentals of the original OP/ED to play as well as 2 new songs by Nana Mizuki and one by Tamura Yukari though <3

  16. #24562011-12-30 16:29:10break said:

    @ImagineBreaker hm i guess os.. though id lie themto change the alst battle a little. the way it was inthe original, it was the only bad thign abotu it, sicne seriosuly it was just a giant blob for everyoe to target their stronegst attacks at; it was more or less just to show off every single charactes attacks..

    hm im wodnergin for taht too..

    yep,y eo^^