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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Version 3)

  1. #219422012-04-13 23:16:43ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw Ah this never gets old~ I wish Lyrical Party IV was posted somewhere... Especially since there was some NanoFate moments between Tamura Yukari and Nana Mizuki XD

    If only the series were licensed again, including StrikerS this time.

  2. #224462012-04-17 16:58:12ImagineBreaker said:

    @break That's true. I think Vivio and Einhalt have only appeared in one chapter so far. Very briefly though. That reminds me! I've still got to read the latest ViVid chapter~

  3. #225472012-04-18 16:59:53ImagineBreaker said:


    I just realised. With future Nanoha anime we just need a character voiced by Aoi YĆ«ki and Ai Nonaka. Then we'd have all the Madoka cast since the others are already there: Subaru - Homura Vivio/Yuuno - Mami Rio/Lio (Drama CD) - Sayaka

  4. #225492012-04-18 17:16:48animeftw said:

    awesome find, we really need a 3rd game if THERE IS we need to be able to select being adult or loli nanoha as well as fate and hayate and be able to use 2 fighers after one is defeated.

    P.S. for lulz, would anyone be willing to dress as thier fav character?

  5. #225572012-04-18 21:11:29ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw one based in StrikerS would be awesome. But I'd only really be satisfied if the Materials, U-D, Amita and Kyrie showed up again. Especially if the Materials and U-D grew up~

    Well we got a CG of Subaru and the others in a scene where Thoma was remembering everyone he met so they weren't forgotten XD

    Chances of there being a 3rd game are high. There've made two in a row so why not a 3rd? They seem to sell well enough.

  6. #235922012-04-25 20:55:44ImagineBreaker said:
    MOAR Nanoha Stuff!
    Start with some old school designs

    Why a Lindy shot?
    Because it looks like she might be more important in The Movie 2nd A's

    Ah~ So many screenshots I want to take from this PV alone <3
  7. #236162012-04-25 23:37:28 *animeftw said:
    cool draft pic, i feel like she didnt have enough screen time in A's but the movie will turn that around! hopefully in the 3rd to be movie Arf and Yuno could have more screem time as example some battles or something AND Zafira. hell even Shamal( i dont hate her) had more screen time. strikers was kinda disapponting,was hopeing too see yuno at least fight

    and the fight between Subaru and her sister could have been longer as well since all we got was just a scence every now and then >.>
    aside from my random rant i still love Strikers :3

    and pics from spending another afternoon on animesuki

    and a DAMN well nice drawing of Adult Stern :3
  8. #236992012-04-26 10:44:36ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw Doesn't it? She might actually fight for once! Maybe we'll get a little more development about her husband too, before he died that is.

    The usually StS rant has returned~ Well the movies would probably fix any problems XD

    So Vivio picked Zafira? Fufufu~ Those 4koma never get old~

    That Adult Stern.....faints

    Starting playing through Gears again. Surprisingly the alternate routes are more serious...Arf's battles in Sequence 3 were pretty deep! Poor Levi getting beaten for no reason and actually crying though. Also Reinforce's voicing has improved quite drastically from Battle of Aces, there's much more emotion <3

    Ahh~ I hope the next Portable title is based after Strikers or even the skipped out Teenage years....nah that won't happen~

    Also if anyone couldn't watch the Nico PV for some reason here's a YT that isn't muted yet

  9. #237632012-04-26 20:19:54animeftw said:
    the 1st 12 seconds :29-32 and 1:01-1:06
    was i the only one thinking with that sound effect that they could have added the horror genre sice it sounded creppy
    and another imagae i found