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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Version 3)

  1. #34362012-01-02 20:32:59ImagineBreaker said:

    Someone was kind enough to upload a gamerip of BoA and GoD today~ So I just thought I'd post some tracks from it.

    Thoma's theme

    Stern (Material S)

    Levi (Material L)

    When this plays you know **** just got real~

    An awesome arrangement of a theme from A's

    Original Character's themes


    Shamal's theme

    Chrono? A cool motivational theme? WTH? XD

    ViviD cast XD

    Main theme from Battle of Aces

    Nana Mizuki arrangements ftw!!

  2. #36402012-01-03 06:53:17animeftw said:

    Stern (Material S) sounds vampierish in the negning then kicks of awesome Levi (Material L) remix Touhouish? shit got real track Violin^^ i would not have none it was an A's arrangment without being told 2nd charecter theme Neon Genesis Evangelionish? Vita awesome! loving shamal's theme :3 Chrono theme Jazz/Techno? ftw ViviD cast great god i got to get me a copy of battle of aces OTL in some fights i prolonge the fights with the Eternal Blaze arrangement kicks in

    Just finshed all of Strikers last 6 eps in one go and MAN shit was epic although i still wanted to see that all out battle.......

  3. #38482012-01-03 19:19:39ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw I agree Stern's track does seem like that.

    You didn't know? Well perhaps this will refresh your memory, I can imagine that this track played during the parting scene at the end of A's The shit got real track is also from A's, it plays when Nanoha and Fate use their powered up devices for the first time. It plays in some fairly epic moments like Fate VS Stern <3

    Glad to hear you liked em XD

    You should! Sure the tracks are all used in Gears of Destiny the first is still fun though. Hopefully I'll go and order Battle of Aces some day too XD Speaking of which I'm pretty close to 100%ing Battle of Aces. Just gonna finish Reinforce Eins story to unlock Material D (Dearche) then leave the save at the final battle so I can replay it anytime. All that'd be left is clearing arcade as all characters.

    I know what you mean~ I do the same in quite a few matches XD

    Told you it'd be epic XD Which battle again?

    Well congrats! Now you can read the manga and listen to the drama CDs. I recommend at least reading the StrikerS manga and listening/watching Sound Stage X. the manga extends some things whilst X is a direct sequel.

  4. #39382012-01-03 23:50:37 *animeftw said:
    thought these were worth having here
    i think i may actually re-watch this sereis since i seened he anime air on TV a few years back

    THIS ACUTALLY HAPPEND or is this fanmade? of a manga?pardoy?
  5. #40492012-01-04 07:00:35 *animeftw said:
    damn Vivio saying "raging heart setup!" and "photon lancer"was intense my body waas not ready for that level of cutness in the Movie drama CD
  6. #40742012-01-04 09:08:39ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw Vivio is dangerous like that XD

    There's plenty of cuteness overload scenes in the drama CDs as well as some hilarious parts like it bring revealed Hayate is a pervert, you hear her planning to "sexually harass" the forwards and it's revealed she is a boob maniac XD

    Now listening to a bath house cd is hard that's for sure. Though that depends on how good your imagination is <3

  7. #42682012-01-04 22:49:22break said:

    haha so true^^ though ive already known of that side of hayate through doujins.. but now i know where it comes from xD

    i wodner if theyl animate Force ir Vivid? if they do Force only, then the badasssery will kill us. if they animate vivid, then the viviocuteness will kill us all! arrghhh!

  8. #42782012-01-04 23:33:11 *ImagineBreaker said:

    @break I had a feeling you might XD

    SS3 of StrikerS sounds pretty interesting since Rein and Agito are the main focus. Mind you every Drama CD is interesting in some way XD

    Both seem true enough XD After the movies I think it's likely they'd do ViviD first, it'd be pretty stupid to only do one so why not start with the light hearted enjoyable one and then move onto the epic one?

    Yup, as long as they adapt any we're screwed though we'd be happy about it XD

  9. #42792012-01-04 23:39:48 *animeftw said:

    @ImagineBreaker Hayate is now moved up in the ranks of My top 5 chacters in Nanoha 1.Hayate 2.Nanoha/Reinforce Zwei (couldnt decide between the 2 OTL) 3.Caro 4.Vivio/Vita 5.Fate's Mo... jk,Fate now that i think about it has the series ever mentioned Fate's dad? @break etiehr way its a win win, and shit would be awesome dieing from badassery or cutness hmmmmmm

  10. #42892012-01-05 00:12:34ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw a ranking huh? I'd have difficulties with one of those XD True her dad isn't mentioned, not even in any CDs, most likely he probably died before Precia went nuts.

    Speaking of dads Shirō (Nanoha's) is quite an interesting one. Especially since he's completely different in Nanoha then he was in Triangle Heart 3. For one in TH3 he was a samurai and secondly he died before Nanoha was born.ō_Takamach

  11. #44482012-01-05 14:09:28break said:

    @animeftw technically, fate herself doesnt have a dad.. the closest to a "father in mind" would be jail scaglietti for developing the technology to create her. but its an interesting coincidence both fates "mother" and jail scaglietti have the same haircolor and a similar face.

    @Imaginebreaker haha yeh^^

    wahhh i really like rein and agito^^

    hm true shiro is interesting.

  12. #46732012-01-06 13:06:42break said:

    @ImagineBreaker hm but id say scaglietti as her "father" is a lottle closer tha alcia's father, thugh he might be her genetical father.. she didnt particularly seem to have many implanted memories of her genetical father, eithe. he and precia robably divorced when alicia was young?

    @animeftw already knew it, but still good^^

  13. #47562012-01-06 20:48:45ImagineBreaker said:

    @break that does seem possible....unless they decide to suddenly introduce her father as a sudden villain XD They don't have to necessarily be divorced y'know~

    Everyone knows that's how things work in terms of your attachment to Nanoha XD Though there are quite a few exceptions to that rule ^_^

  14. #49362012-01-07 12:06:26 *ImagineBreaker said:

    @animeftw great vids!! Sure I've already seen than but they're pretty awesome XD

    I'll let you know if I find out what the first track is.

    @break but because it's unlikely it's be a fun twist XD That's true

    I'll assume Jail is Fate/Alicia's dad~ Finally completed Battle of Aces!

    Sure I wrote that down but the post cut off...