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  1. FINALLY moving to London. Tips, please?

    #248602012-05-05 11:39:31Kanna said:

    This is real! It's FINALLY happening. So about 2 years ago I posted a thread for tips and such because I was planning of moving then (but it never happened). So, my questions- Where would be considered the safest place to move to? I've always heard that North of London isn't safe but the South/West is safe but also the most expensive. Which brings me to my second questions~ Do you know anyone who wants to rent a Double room for me? <3 Since I've met some of you in London, I thought there wouldn't be any harm in asking. And I would appreciate any tips about living in London. I know the tube quite well and will be purchasing an Oyster card quite soon.


  2. #249202012-05-05 22:38:25DSP said:

    ohhhh you're finally making the move : D awesome! Well West London is generally the safest part of london, for some reason the further east you get the more rough it gets. There's a reason the riots dispersed as soon as they hit the borough.

    I'd like to say my area is pretty safe, it's not a particularly interesting place but other places in the borough like Chiswick, Brentford, are fairly safe places and quite nice, they're also not that expensive to live in, at least that's what my friend tells me. Richmond I know is reallly nice but as it's Richmond which is quite a classy area is pretty expensive.

  3. #250742012-05-07 22:38:41Kanna said:

    It was funny lol Though @Trev, yes please. Keep the screencap though xD But on a serious note, I really do need as many tips and advice as well with not many distractions lol

  4. #258562012-05-14 15:59:38DSP said:

    @Kanna I live near Heathrow (gotta love the planes) and it takes me about 40 mins on the underground to get to central on the piccadilly line which pretty much just heads right into the centre so it's really convenient.

    As for Keri she lives in north west London (can't disclose exactly where for obvious reasons XD ) It takes her about 45 minutes via the bakerloo line to get to central, about 30 mins if she takes the overground trains and 15 minutes if she went by the Northern Line. Even though we both live in greater London it's not too bad a journey into central XD.