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  1. /c/ute thread

    #249282012-05-06 01:08:11Chestnut_Rice said:
    I got too lazy to keep browsing /c/
    Spoiler (Show)
    and /cm/
    for pictures. Post some KAWAII DESU SHIT MAH BITCHAS!

    Here's a small Kurisu dump to start it off. Would appreciate: Senjougahara, Senjougahara+Araragi, height difference, wedding dresses/tuxedos, GundamSEED, Katawa Shoujo. Thanks!


  2. #249532012-05-06 18:48:09Chestnut_Rice said:
    That feel when forget to switch to bbcode formatting.

    Also, please keep each post to around 4 or 5 pictures if you're dumping. If each page has ungodly amount of pictures it'll take for ever to load.

    Time for your daily dose!...
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    of Kurisu! :3

  3. #257432012-05-13 19:54:26 *Momimochi said:

    Not sure why, but I found this strangely cute. Probably because it's Kurisu.

    EDIT: Err, I stand corrected. This one is strangely cute: