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  1. Who's your all time favorite anime character?

    #249962012-05-07 08:19:30 *izachin said:
    Well the title says all, hm.. my all time fave chara. is Hewajima shizuo. He's just so cool and he hates violence wait he's violence himself (lol) how bout you guys?
  2. #249992012-05-07 09:15:41InsaneBoredGame said:

    @DarkChaplain Oh, don't you even try to be hipster~ Stuff is too mainstream...

    I don't currently have a favorite anime character (which means I'm waiting for a Batman adaptation so I can name Nightwing) but I'll probably go with Sam or Dean or Cykes.


  3. #250872012-05-08 01:04:15 *Spades said:

    @Ethereal Well Equinox is cool and all, but Bangarang's has a really nice story. I just liked the idea of him growing up and paying his dues.

    Equinox was just a child molesting creeper. Such a generic character.

    EDIT: Equinox and Bangarang should just yaoi that shit up.

  4. #251552012-05-08 18:23:30 *JacquesTheZombie said:

    @InsaneBoredGame Technically you could name Robin from Teen Titans since the show is a collabrative effort of anime artists and american artists. Its also the closes that you will probablly get to an anime Nightwing.

    @Kirishimayata its okay to like Durarara!! almost everyone here likes it. (I said almost everyone @DarkChaplain)

    My favorite male would probably be Monkey D. Luffy and Female would be Anri cuz she makes me hungry just like @Claire-chan does.

  5. #251702012-05-08 21:02:40TalTal said:

    I have this giant pet peeve about people calling Avatar, Teen Titans, and Code Lyoko anime. They're not. Good day, /ollies out

  6. #251812012-05-09 00:21:19izachin said:

    @kirishimayata LMAO i actually wanna say "orihara izaya" but my username is obviously a "IZAYA CRAZE FAN" xD. whatever so i putted shizuo since he's a pretty cool one. shizu-chan is soo adorable!~

  7. #252772012-05-09 18:17:14JacquesTheZombie said:

    @DarkChaplain Nope. Not a weeaboo. I know for a fact I am not one of those things. And don't use my one post against me where i say arigato because following that is me stating that I am just messing with you. So STFU!

    @TalTal19 @InsaneBoredGame my apologies for the mix up but thats the only one out of the ones you listed that I dont neccesarily call it anime when I talk about it but I think it is kinda similar looking to anime. But I won't call it that because I know some people don't agree.