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  1. Guilty Crown Lost XMas Demo v1.5 Translation

    #251402012-05-08 16:45:52quipna said:

    If you didn't already know, @senkono and I are doing a translation patch for the Guilty Crown VN, "Lost XMas". He is the slave translator and I fill the role of editor.

    Now, why do I tell you this?

    Well, because we happened to translate the game's demo and produce a patch for it last night. You can grab it in the blog post that I have linked to above. The blog post gives you super-simple instructions on how to obtain the game demo and patch it with our translated file.

    Please shout out any problems or criticisms you have with the patch in this forum post or in the blog post. We're big boys, and we can take the flak. :D

  2. #252592012-05-09 15:46:32momo said:


    My computer is pretty low spec as well, and plays the VN choppily. Does it at least start? If not, what happens when you try to run the game?