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  1. Forum Signature Banner Contest

    #253382012-05-10 06:30:06 *momo said:

    Hey there! I'm here to announce a new contest, one that I think will be quite popular! As you may have already guessed, it's a contest to see who can make the coolest-looking forum signature!

    But acostoss, we don't have signatures on The Colorless! You're damn right we don't! This contest isn't for signatures that you can use on the site, but ones you can use on other sites like Gaia, AnimeSuki, or any other forum that supports signatures.

    Alrighty, then what are the rules?

    1. The signature must be site-related.
    2. It must be one of the exact sizes that we specify.
    3. It must be PG13, max. No nudity or over-the-top gore, please.

    Ok, then what sizes do we make them? There will be three sizes you can make the signature banner. It can be either



    or 700x100 (Right click and Save As for full size)

    How long do we have to submit? Submissions will in approximately two weeks, on May 24, 2012.

    How many can I submit? You can submit as many as you'd like, for any of the sizes. Just remember that you are judged on quality, not quantity. Do your best on every one!

    Who chooses the winner? The users! After submissions end, a new thread will be made for voting on your favorite banner. There will be a winner for each banner size, and they will be featured on a special page on the site, ready for anyone to toss in their forum signatures or profiles!

    What are you waiting for? Get to making some awesome banners!

  2. #253402012-05-10 06:51:32 *momo said:

    Now, let's get some of you off on the right foot with some basic starting pieces. You don't have to use these files, but they are things that are already used on the site that might work well for you.

    Small logo link

    Wood texture link

    Noise background link

    Button texture link

    triangles texture link

    Title font The font used in the site's title is "Tondu Beta", which you can download for free here.

  3. #253492012-05-10 08:15:41 *Ethereal said:

    Here's my first entry x3 Just an idea I had that's simple. It's based on the people I feel either make the biggest impact on the site, or ones I have communicated with and felt a bond to on a personal level. I'll probably be making more once I think of some ideas~~ HERE'S MY FIRST ONE

  4. #253512012-05-10 08:25:47 *Kuroba_Loki said:

    @Ethereal me, claire, jojo, josh, train, shiro, trev, momo, ecstasy, eterno, ecstasy, sen, dc, chestnut, someone, and wew


    Also, may we know what we will win if we win?

  5. #254342012-05-11 02:00:22 *hais said:
    oh, i actually like this contest cos it doesn't involve any singing sobs and i can actually take part ;w;

    credits to the original server-tan artist, @rinatan! ((thanks gargronsu~))