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  1. Attention Artists - Submit illustrations for project!

    #253782012-05-10 16:04:11lolikitsune said:
    Hey! I'm one of the lead developers on an expansive homebrew project for the Pathfinder RPG called Multiclass Archetypes. We're reaching a critical mass of material and are beginning to look into options for releasing free PDFs of our work. One thing we're short on is illustrations. Being amateurs ourselves and wanting to spread the love, we're looking for artists who are maybe interested in getting their art into a Pathfinder PDF, even if it's a free homebrew one ;)

    Everyone starts somewhere right? And it's the kind of thing you could put on a resume, probably. We intend this to be an opportunity for the artists who submit; we're not looking to make money off you guys (we're doing everything pro bono after all).

    Here's the thread for submissions on the Pathfinder homebrew forums.

    I encourage you to check it out, and to submit something if you're interested!