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  1. Tumblr !

    #257142012-05-13 16:53:52 *OriharaMairu said:

    so there's another topic for this but it is dead, thecolorless.net/posts/show/1348 I decided to make a new one!

    do you have a Tumblr account, if so, what is the link and what kind of blog are you? let us know here (:

    mine is orimairu.tumblr.com I only started today so it's not very full yet!

    List of Colorless tumblr's (will be updated):

  2. #257162012-05-13 16:55:43quipna said:

    Might be worth noting cool Tumblr accounts that you have found, and stating what you mostly post on your Tumblr account.

    Hell, if this gets popular enough, it might even be work making a little db of Colorless Tumblrs, searchable by content.

  3. #257572012-05-13 21:19:05AkiraSaki said:

    Myonsaki.tumblr.com is my anime/Homestuck/etc blog. Sixshotstofallingintheend.tumblr.com is my music/Avengers/Supernatural/DoctorWho/Etc. blog.

  4. #271982012-05-26 02:42:42TalTal said:

    Some of you guys have such pretty blogs sdfghjkl

    yeah really, how do you guys make such pretty blogs with gorgeous themes? ;~; I know that not all of you are that good at coding

  5. #275792012-05-28 17:01:28NerdyFanBoy said:

    Kuru-saan.tumblr.com Yes I know San is spelled incorrectly..(- - ' ' ) I don't get on a lot but when I do it's probably my girlfriend, she gets on mine too. But when I do post it's anime and other stuff. o 3 o

  6. #291312012-06-10 21:59:03TalTal said:

    OH yes that reminds me. I'm no longer Kryst-on-a-cracker, I'm now TalTal-taters.tumblr.com.

    I will probably be sticking with this one for a while.