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Tumblr !

  1. #275792012-05-28 17:01:28NerdyFanBoy said:

    Kuru-saan.tumblr.com Yes I know San is spelled incorrectly..(- - ' ' ) I don't get on a lot but when I do it's probably my girlfriend, she gets on mine too. But when I do post it's anime and other stuff. o 3 o

  2. #291302012-06-10 21:55:53 *Usagii said:

    I keep changing my URL ijgkl;'

    BUT I PROMISE I'LL KEEP THIS ONE -- That might be a recurring name because . . . I like it and it's not too girly ahaha ; w ;

  3. #291312012-06-10 21:59:03TalTal said:

    OH yes that reminds me. I'm no longer Kryst-on-a-cracker, I'm now TalTal-taters.tumblr.com.

    I will probably be sticking with this one for a while.

  4. #507892013-03-17 22:11:05InsaneBoredGame said:

    Deleted my old one. Decided to start fresh. Warning: Most of my stuff is continuity heavy X-men shit, so if you're not up to date with the comics, you're screwed...