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  1. Oral Hygiene Brother

    #258372012-05-14 10:28:00 *quipna said:

    Much like those that tell their stories on 2ch, there are those that do so on 4chan. About two years ago, a man decided to do something crazy. He asked his sister if she'd like him to brush her teeth after recieving inspiration from a thread on 4chan's /a/ board. He then set out to speak of the experiences following that jump, all under the pen name "Oral Hygiene Brother".

    It is really a sweet story, and worth a quick read.

  2. #258852012-05-14 21:39:41momo said:

    The site isn't at all hosted or related to 4chan, guess your school scans the text to block, as well.

  3. #259352012-05-15 12:07:14quipna said:

    Well, first off, the "Ask your sister if you can x" threads have been standard /a/ fare for years. This guy just decided to try it out, and thus the story. His posts started a little over two years ago. I assure you that there was no translation for the Nisomonogatari novel at the time, as Bakemonogatari had not yet made a splash in the Western world.

  4. #259362012-05-15 12:20:28break said:

    @quipna sure, but coudltn it be that this scene in nisemonogatari was inspired by this guy or by those theads? i can definately see NisiOisin beeign a 2 or 4channer., tahts why i was aksing when the novel came out exatly.

  5. #259402012-05-15 12:46:35break said:

    i know, but coudltn it be that 2chan had a similar thrend goign on? after all, the two are pretty similar, 2chan and 4chan..

  6. #259412012-05-15 12:50:49quipna said:

    break, hardly.

    Futaba has it's own set of jokes or "memes" if you will. While there are some that carry over between the two, /a/'s "Ask your sister if you can x and then report back" threads were still pretty small at the time.

  7. #259432012-05-15 13:11:11break said:

    hm i see. well, i was jjust suspectign it sicn it seems like too obvious to be a coincidence; btu then it mybe just is a coincidence.

  8. #264662012-05-19 03:36:18crazymexican said: sense the 2 posts of Oral Hygiene Brother story didn't work i hunted this down

    it was a vary touching story. even tho i don't approve of the insect. im a sucker for a good love story and i haven't found a story so touching as this one in a long time