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  1. What's your age?

    #259462012-05-15 13:26:34quipna said:

    I was sitting around in chat when someone asked if I was in school at the moment. This caught me by surprise, as I have been out of school for a couple years. It grounded me in the fact that most of the users here are middle and high school students, something I often forget while online.

    So, let me ask you this: How old are you?

    You needn't give any personal info out, and there's no way I can find out your username or anything from the poll, I'm just curious.

  2. #260392012-05-16 02:16:49 *Spades said:

    I recently became -715 last month. Getting closer to an actual age. Just another few centuries and my conception will finally be here. Shit's gonna be marvelous.