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  1. Draw the green cat!!

    #262212012-05-17 04:43:58 *Johtoh said:
    I edited this thread to draw the greencatgame! Your objective is to draw the green cat doing whatever!


    Week 1: @Chou
    Week 2: @Mizukodomo

    i want to use one for my gravatar :}

    Make it as kawaii as possible >:)
  2. #262842012-05-17 18:20:11 *Xyopq said:

    @acostoss if you include the @ symbol in front of the users name, it will mention them and they will receive a notice the next time they are online. Also, if you click 'Quick @reply' under the users post, it will place the @username in the reply box for you. =3

    EDIT: http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj212/shadowed_phoenix/ThisisJustaTribute.png Recognise my mad skillz innit.