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  1. #39362012-01-03 23:50:19 *PureBoredom said:

    @Lycan Over 4000 HAHAHAHAHA.

    But actually I'm pretty sure you could do that. Depends on your your patience in the beginning and your interest in it after.

    Also, it took me a few days to catch up to the latest update at the time. Just in time for that one month wait while my interest was piqued...

  2. #39432012-01-03 23:54:25PureBoredom said:

    I edited mines too! Was there any point to this?!

    Also. Sorry I'm being lazy about the bios, I'll try getting more of that crap down bluh bluh adfgdhfkjg

  3. #133762012-02-18 00:23:08Sushi said:

    Btw waiting for someone to make a "DEAL WITH IT" gif with the scene where brobot's shades reappear magically and fall back on his face.

  4. #135042012-02-19 06:57:33TalTal said:

    My patron is an adorable bamf who refuses to not be in the story line and you are all jelly of scorpios. Search your feelings you know it to be true.

  5. #135122012-02-19 09:12:46Trzaska said:

    Hm. I never realized MS Paint Adventures was Homestuck. /shrug. Guess I'll start reading it.

    Oh and my name is: finiteHamster