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  1. #291032012-06-10 15:24:15Ucui said:

    @Ipotane.... holy crap. Those tracks be so filled with sick that I think they caught the motherfucking flu. So groovy I feel I'm in the 80's. So tight that they ought to be a pair of skinny jeans.

    They're really good.

  2. #292382012-06-12 08:03:17ponta said:

    Guys guess who came late to the party pontasticButter Please do not vomit intimidating references on me, pester with delicacy.

  3. #292412012-06-12 08:12:12 *ponta said:

    @Domo Starting over from like 3000 because I started skipping 500 pages at a time from there and now I don't understand anything sob

  4. #293012012-06-12 16:30:47Maryam said:

    Oh so @Pontakun has finally joined the revolution.

    So my dashboard is full of homestuck shit and I haven't even got past the first 20 pages and it's so sad because I just reblog whatever looks cool.