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  1. #291032012-06-10 15:24:15Ucui said:

    @Ipotane.... holy crap. Those tracks be so filled with sick that I think they caught the motherfucking flu. So groovy I feel I'm in the 80's. So tight that they ought to be a pair of skinny jeans.

    They're really good.

  2. #293012012-06-12 16:30:47Maryam said:

    Oh so @Pontakun has finally joined the revolution.

    So my dashboard is full of homestuck shit and I haven't even got past the first 20 pages and it's so sad because I just reblog whatever looks cool.

  3. #333282012-07-15 02:10:21InvisibleRainbow said:

    Okay so I didn't want to make a new thread about homestuck to piss haters off so i guess ill just bump this :P with the latest updates.. oh wait time to spoiler this.. so basically, dream dirk was only K.O'd and woke up.. real dirk alrdy woke up dream roxy and then decapitated himself.. so dream dirk woke up dream jane.. dream dirk takes dream roxy and goes and picks up dream jane and they board their way to jake.. jake is K.O'd and dream dirk uses a pail to splash water on him.. he wakes up and heres what i dont understand.. he wakes up and doesnt notice that the dream team are there.. and he just talks to dirk glasses who convinces him to kiss real dirk head.. 1. how can he not notice the dream 3 are there!!! 2. wouldn't jane or roxy say something about kissing dirk head? they just.. stand and listen and watch.. i expect that from dirk but the girls could have made a peep or something... when you see a friend you dont just creep on him quietly.. like wtf.. okay.. maybe people on colorless do that but really tho.. so they just watch him have sloppy make outs with dirks head quietly and then he magically notices they are there? so yeah.. i dont understand that.. anyone elses take on this?