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  1. This thread is all about love (again)

    #262762012-05-17 17:35:07 *Kuroba_Loki said:

    Ask, provide info, or wew anything on the word "love"



    "Why do people love?"


    "Love for me is..."

    I want to observe this community's view on love

  2. #262832012-05-17 18:05:05Cloud-VK said:

    Why? because we were born to love

    yeh corny as shit but ...

    I geuss dont know its a lable to that wierd feeling we get but cant explain

    I relate it to hunger myself when it comes to my various lovers when Im around them im starveing and I dont know why that is but its annoying its like they can sense it...-_- but it depends huh maternal brotherly unaqwainted it just there in everybody cant help it damn dont know just an excuse when you do something stupid for someone you care about...thats my opinion

    what the heck CL no help on this

  3. #263922012-05-18 16:34:18Kuroba_Loki said:

    Yes, we need to reproduce, thus the intercourse...but why do feelings need to be checked when choosing a mate?


    Also, I've been asking this quite a while now but....

    How can people love through the internet?

  4. #263962012-05-18 17:02:19TokoyamiSenshi said:


    Depends on what you think you are. If you think the outer boudary of 'you' is your body, you'll percieve other people as bodies(not necessarily just bodies). If you think it's your brain, heart, liver, pancreas or soul or whatever floats your religious boat, you'll think of others in those terms.

    If you have the mental ability to abstract the body as an integral part of someone, you can love them. Guess that's how you can love through the internet.

  5. #264052012-05-18 17:46:41 *Chestnut_Rice said:


    Primate society is pretty much centered around the assumption that each child would have 2 parents and that said parents should feel attached to each other and to their offspring. This ensures that the parents would be willing to sacrifice them selves for the continued survival of their partner and/or child and thus ensure the survival of their genes. If humans and other complex mammals didn't feel love, we would die out pretty soon since there's no motivation to protect the vulnerable offspring after conception.

    So there's an evolutionary point of view for why love exists. As for what it is, I'm not too sure. Of course some would point to hormones and the brain. Hormones of course do cause us to feel love but specifically as to what it is? I'm not certain that scientists will ever be able to truly define it, unlike things like sound(waves) and smells(chemicals that our noses capture and are interpreted by the brain).

    Note that nature's a fickle thing though, so we some times end up loving people or things who aren't even our targets for mating. If it's worth defending, it's worth loving, our brains reason. So casting some thing that needs to be defended tends to make people love it. A nation, for example. Patriotism, any one?

    So, laconically: Love is a series of hormones and behavioural adaptations that gives us a better reason to defend some thing, that some thing usually being the continued survival of our genes.

  6. #264222012-05-18 19:04:01Kuroba_Loki said:

    You should know...that I do not love, hate, envy, or any other emotions for that matter.

    That is the main reason I made this thread, for gathering data on the feeling "love" .____.

  7. #264732012-05-19 05:35:30VivoDePyre said:

    -hippie rant-

    Love is the opposite of purpose or achievement.

    People may aim to fall in love or desire it, but you can't force it. It's not an intentional feeling, though you can intend to find a mate or intend to sustain a relationship. Similar to how we can do things that make us happy, we don't choose to be happy; you can't just love by intent to do so.

    But why does it matter? Well, it's the balancing opposite to purpose and achievement. We strive to become proficient at our jobs, to earn money. We have dreams to accomplish. Things to do, tasks to achieve. We do x to accomplish y, and y to get to z. We look to make our mark or at least hold our own in the world.

    Love is for love's sake. We don't love to succeed at something or for a further goal. You don't try to love, it simply is. It's unconditional, and it's hard to do love wrong. You can't fail at it. Rather, it's there for the enjoyment of itself.

    To twist the analogy, if your goals and purpose are the prize at the end of the road, love is the scenery on the walk. The prize you seek will probably be a rewarding, but never take for granted the walk to get there. Love is what makes daily life bearable, and you can never run out or give too much.

    -hippie rant over-

  8. #264742012-05-19 05:43:53VivoDePyre said:


    I like your explanation. It's worth mentioning the love or at least affection is a very social experience, which may have lead to the creation of society. Without that loyalty or generalized affection we feel (friendships, family) we would be more likely to separate. In that regard, love is valuable as a higher function than sexual attraction.

    So love is beneficial to survival, assuming we consider affection, fondness, etc to be all on the line of emotion. It's important to understand things from a scientific perspective and comprehend why things are they way they are. However, even with having a strong causal origin; Love is valuable in it's intrinsic, emotional, and social worth. To define it only as an adaptation or product of reproductive need underplays the worth it has outside that.

    Again still, good post. I can never get straight to the point and clear like that.

  9. #266262012-05-21 15:40:23 *Shinsengumi said:

    In my own opinion, (well I might be influenced by other people)

    Love is a sense of belonging to another person, which can be one sided, or mutual. Physical attraction is entirely on different matter, though, interrelated. The sense of belonging stems from one's interaction with other people, later on progressing / regressing through several stages (ex. Nemesis, enemy, Hostile, Neutral, Acquaintance, Friends, Family, Lover).

    When you enjoy everything, you bound to enjoy the people you meet. and perhaps someday you may find another person which hold special quality for you.

    ~=Be the Best, Go Freedom=~

  10. #277332012-05-29 17:34:24IIEarlGreyII said:

    Question: Why does love still exist? Why have we not eradicated love yet? When will this war on love be over? Why do my tax dollars have to be spent each year on the war on love when we don't even get serious about the war on poorly constructed burritos?

    I want serious answers.

  11. #278722012-05-30 19:13:59Kuroba_Loki said:

    ~Love exists because humans still have emotions ~We haven't eradicated love yet due to the fact the humans are picky when choosing mates ~Mainly because love > burritos according to your government

    Serious answers .____.