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  1. Darker Than Black Season 3

    #263542012-05-18 06:10:41 *Kuro_Light said:

    Rumors have been going around that there might be a season 3 of DTB. As of now, these are just baseless rumors but seeing how well received the series is, I don't see why not.

    Personally, I was a little disappointed with the second season due to the focus of the plot shifting away from the Black Reaper. Hopefully the third season will redeem the name of DTB by putting the spotlight back on to our friend, BK-201.

    Lets cross our fingers and hope for the best!

  2. #264402012-05-18 22:50:21n1xx said:

    I would be quite glad if a third season could be somewhat similar to the quality distributed in the first season, as well as the OVAs. The story pace was quite steady and linear, with many surprises along the way. It would be quite amazing to relive such emotions again. <3

    And yes, as @senkono has mentioned, it would be very appreciated if a source was given, when concerning such possible exciting news.

    On my side, the best I could find is the following:

    Now that's a nice rumor! According to some dubious 2ch source, a new Darker than Black TV anime series will start airing in Japan from October! The report claims that the third anime (not counting the 2010 OVA) will be titled Darker than Black: Nanpou no Houkou - among other alternative spellings for the subtitle, which roughly translates to "Wandering through the South".

    The complete article can be consulted here.

  3. #264472012-05-18 23:50:09break said:

    well, if itll happen or not i dunno, but i can see it happen; the ending of season 2 was a cliffhanger, thes eries is pretty popular, and all. although i really dont see why so many people dislike season 2; of course, mroe yin and hei wouldve been nice, but the new characters were all pretty nice too and i liked it quite a lot. just the ending is kinda bittersweet for suou, and kinda.. no idea what happened/happens for hei and yin. and their son (or whatever the male yin-lookalike is). also yin is my waifu.

    but seriosuly, they ought to at leats finish the story with SOMETHING. be it a new anime, or OVA's, movie, manga or even webnovel, at least dotn end the story on such an enormous cliffhanger, bones! .. is my opinion.

  4. #277352012-05-29 17:38:08IIEarlGreyII said:

    Please no, the second season was pretty boring. It took a lot of what was original from the series and turned it into a bland run around type anime, and I don't want to see it happen again.

    All the good characters are dead anyway.

  5. #279002012-05-31 06:31:02break said:

    @Agni uhhm...? that would be soemthign to say to people wanting another season of an actually finished, oir very old, or not popular anymore franchise/series. but in this case, as DTB had an extremely open ending, the last stuff from ti was only 2 years ago, and its not forgotten either, calling this kickign a dead horse is a little weird isnt it?

  6. #279612012-05-31 20:40:18 *Agni said:

    The show is a horse, it was a good (great actually) Horse the first ride around. Then the second time around the Horse died, because it was steered off into a ravine and fell to its doom. Open ended, but its dead, its soul is gone. A new season would just be kicking it. So, yeah dead Horse.

    Its not forgotten, but its dead. SO NO, not weird at all @break.

  7. #279632012-05-31 20:54:27break said:

    @Agni well, thats only a matter of personal taste though.. it wouldve been dead if the second season totally ruine dit; it didnt, though. people didnt like it as much as the first one because people wnated to see more of hei and the perspective change annyoed them (although some poeple, like me, actually found that nice) and it confused people because the key events eading to that were only shown a year later on OVA's which was a weird move, yes, but personnaly i found all that nice. if it had no way to go for anymore, and if it was actually considered completely destroyed, and had made the whole fanbase bitter over it, i'd agree with you; but personnaly the only thing they did i really couldnt take was tha mao became a weird animal instead of a cat. and not enough Yin, but thats just because i love yin. but then again this is amatter of personal opinion at this point already and we could argue over it withotu end so lets just say that we wont get together on this topic.

  8. #279722012-05-31 22:52:51 *Agni said:

    There is no debate. Just dead horses and opinions. So yes, I agree we should agree to disagree.

  9. #343952012-07-30 10:54:05 *sully said:

    Rumor one:

    Rumor two

    Apparently it's going to be aired on October, not sure which one.....


    The above links are fan-based sites, and yes not the best source as one would have thought. Apologies for any hopes i have raised.

  10. #343962012-07-30 11:05:09 *Senkonna said:

    @sully: Holy fuck no, for one, Bones hasn't even officially announced it yet, so it airing in October is next to fucking no chance, and by that, I mean there is no fucking chance. The reason for this is no studio is going to announce a new project and then air it the next cour while in the middle of another cour. I had no idea who the fuck Scott Green was, so I googled him, and apparently he owns (?) a shit site called Ain't It Cool News; wow, yeah, that sounds fucking reliable off the bat. Give me an actual news source from the moon or links to somewhere with moonrunes or get the fucky fuck fuck out.

    Mother fuck, everyone's a retard these days.

  11. #343982012-07-30 12:06:44 *Senkonna said:

    So if I make a shitty site and an accompanying twitter, does that mean I can post shitty news and have people link to it in the delusion that the site is even slightly legitimate, despite me not giving any actual sources? For fuck's sake, use your fucking head.

  12. #343992012-07-30 12:22:47sully said:

    And what does this go to do with anything with that i posted? I named it rumor, did not mention anything that says it's official news or will be released on what date ect. So i don't see why you have to act like a total jerk and say some shitty stuff. The site does not belong to me, hence if you've a problem then tell it to those that own.

  13. #344012012-07-30 12:24:32 *Senkonna said:

    That posting stupid shit makes you stupid shit? I thought that was quite obvious. I can make a wordpress blog right now saying that DTB is approved for 5 seasons, then link it here, but it would still be shit and still wouldn't contribute to the thread.

  14. #344022012-07-30 12:28:57 *sully said:

    Yes it does and i'm not going to say anything in my defence, i thought the terminology i used would make it clear that it wasn't a reliable source/ nor the best one. I guess that's an understatement.

  15. #382412012-09-05 20:14:48Balto19 said:

    I started the anime couple days ago and just finished it and I loved this anime, i hope they continue making more seasons. Also it will be totally incomplete since there're so many questions left to answer. I really want to see more hei and yin( my favorite character in the anime). I hope she isn't dead!!! I'm going to cry like a baby if they killed her. Hei and Yin need to have a HEA! and it really was a disappointment to see no Yin in the second season, also it didn't like a 2nd season at all but it's own show. so i hope this time they continue off from they left instead of starting a new story.

  16. #601842013-07-01 11:32:49muckoanggono said:

    There are still many unexplained things left in the second season, like who the magician actually is and maybe more than this. So, let it come.