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  1. #266272012-05-21 15:40:26 *Fieyr said:

    In my opinion, there are more important (not to mention fun) things to do than compare something as superficial as beauty to other people.

    However my motto has always been to do whatever makes you happy. Since you don't seem to be happy, you might want to think about other ways to spend your time.

    @OneDollar - Hey.... walruses are awesome...

  2. #266292012-05-21 15:53:53 *momo said:

    Hey there! It seems that this is a Very Bad Thread™. How can you make this into a Pretty Sweet Thread™?

    Try doing these three things:

    • Tag your thread - Tags make it so others can find your thread quickly and easily.
    • Write a clear opening post - Make it so anyone knows what the topic is.
    • Use proper English - While everyone makes spelling and grammar mistakes, you should be extra careful when making a thread. It makes it very hard for foreigners to understand your opening post when you write it in improper English.

    Otherwise, I cannot wait to see how this thread turns out!

  3. #266462012-05-21 18:37:27TokoyamiSenshi said:

    So you didn't win at a beauty pageant. First world problems.

    That said, you can't really win at a beauty pageant. You see, the act of winning actually requires you to do something rather than just happen to be pretty. It's pretty much like saying FML, I threw a dice and didn't get 6.

  4. #266472012-05-21 19:16:58AkiraSaki said:

    My mom made me do beauty pageants when I was a kid. She dressed me up as a clown for the costume portion.

    I hate them.

  5. #266532012-05-21 20:21:56Kuroba_Loki said:

    Well personally, I think that pageants are plainly stupid and useless. What's so fun in watching girls or boys getting all wew and sucking up to the judges like straws? Absolutely nothing.


    If you didn't win a pageant, so what? Did you life value decrease? Was your house burnt down with your loss? Did you lose a valuable part of your body? No. People who attend or participate in pageants only wish to get their egos up and wew.

    But I do find one thing about pageants amusing though. Watching the losers cry their hearts out when they lose.

    ~God of Mischief~

  6. #306952012-06-22 06:10:16kagxhiei said:

    i was in that pageant with her and for people who know me they wouldnt think that i would ever do something like that i will never do it was something different and something will probably never do again. way too much money

  7. #307112012-06-22 08:20:50Candytenshi said:

    I'll just waste money on beauty products, costumes/dresses if I join one. And what will I get from it anyway? Pageants are meh. If I'm gonna spend money on anything, I'd prefer a degree than a beauty pageant title for it. xD