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  1. Korra fanart thread

    #271662012-05-25 21:12:52 *Gargron said:

    Okay, I noticed how Danbooru basically only has one page of Korra pictures, and even Gelbooru has no more. That's terrible! So let's combine our Internet usage powers and put a gallery of fanart together.

    If possible, please credit/link to the artists! Also if possible, upload images to this site rather than hotlinking dA or something else that is not imgur, because those links can become broken really quick.

    Also, I am marking this thread as NSFW just in case.



    Linking images in Markdown is quite straightforward. Since the syntax for links and images is this, respectively:

    [Link text](http://theURL)
    ![Alt text, not needed](http://imageURL)

    Therefore, the syntax combined is:

  2. #275582012-05-28 12:13:03Lycan said:

    Dude the thread isn't meant to be NSFW (I think?) and it has got nothing that's NSFW, yet, so the tag isn't necessary... yet. :I

  3. #277782012-05-29 22:03:43Lycan said:

    They're only kissing it's totally safe for work. MEN CAN BE TOPLESS AND WOMEN CANNOT HAHA WOMEN ARE INFERIOR TO MEN

    (obviously not serious)