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  1. How to get a Gravatar/Icon - The Picturebook

    #271992012-05-26 03:34:32 *judar said:

    Okay, so far too often we are asked "hoe do eye get a pict-chuuur!!!!one!!1" by our new members; if you read the FAQ you'd be better off -- but no, that's why you're here. You're the reason the FAQ cries itself to sleep. Wow, go you, are you satisfied yet?

    Anywho, since I am a lovely human being I've decided to help you in your pitiful attempt at trying to get a pretty gravatar so we can't see what a truly terrible attempt God made at making your face.

    Step 1 - Sign up, duh. Make sure you use a valid e-mail which is the same e-mail that you will use for your gravatar account. (Look, you've even got stuff bolded for you to help point it out - lucky you.)



    Step 2 - Activate your account, yes? Check your junk/spam or whatever you call it box for your activation e-mail. If it's still not found, please file a missing persons report and begin a prayer-circle immediately. I'm sorry for your loss.



    Step 3 - Go to Gravatar and using the SAME e-mail - guess what? Sign up again! To get to the sign up page, press the MASSIVE OBNOXIOUS BLUE BUTTON.



    Step 4 - I'm beginning to see a pattern here; next verify your e-mail address from Gravatar; please search properly! You will not get any spam by the way, so don't worry your lil head.


    Step 4.5 - You should get this too!


    Step 5 - return to Gravatar and login! Then find your hella rad super kawaii desu ne sugoi image, which should be RATED G or y'know - not ecchi or porn you dirty, dirty heathen.

    • Remember that .gifs will turn into static images - this is mine:


    Step 6 - Click 'add new image' and rate your gravatar, it better be a G because I'm watching you. Don't think I don't see that hardcore yaoi doujinshi saved on yo' desktop, son.


    Step 7 -

    Take a siesta and wait a few minutes!

    You can log out then in again, this sometimes speeds up the process whilst your shitty gravatar is evicted and replaced with your brand-spankin' new one.

    Step 7 - Et voila, thank me later.


  2. #272942012-05-26 20:08:54Trev said:

    You know, all of this info is in the underlined "Read the FAQ" link. It's amazing that people still need a picture book for this, but I will admit defeat here. We really should have made something like this on our own.

    @Usagii: From all of the staff, thank you.

  3. #272962012-05-26 20:16:51judar said:

    @Kosukechan Nuu, my handwriting is terrible, I doubt anyone can read it hahaha ♥

    @Gargron Ehehe . . . no problem ♥ ?

    @PigBoss Thankyuu Piggy, I hope to see this put to use ♥

    @Trev yep, that's true ahaha the less literate of us could benefit from this and you really shouldn't have to have pictures seeming as it's so straight-forward but really, no need to thank me but you are welcome anyway ♥ !

  4. #294352012-06-13 08:16:55SlashX17 said:

    I did the stuff step by step and waited for a pretty long time and my avatar hasn't shown up yet. I also read the FAQ as well. So what am I failing at right now?

  5. #296632012-06-14 20:17:47judar said:

    @SlashX17 I'm not too sure, I think that this site and most sites only accept G-rated pictures as said before so try that? If the problem still persists maybe you should contact the CL staff at the e-mail in the FAQ -- Sorry that's all I can think of ; A ;