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  1. So Korra is the new My little Pony?

    #272972012-05-26 20:51:02 *IzayaChanKun said:

    Sure looks like it Except the fan base isn't as annoying. I know MLP and Korra are nothing alike, I'm just saiyen that it's the new American internet thing.

    Edit: Angry forumers incoming

  2. #273002012-05-26 20:56:58 *Ashkachan said:

    Except for the fact that Korra fans have been nothing but nice to me, and MLP fans throw a little fit when I tell them that it's not that great of a show?


  3. #273012012-05-26 20:58:07Gargron said:

    No no, I don't think this will upset people. I know a lot of bronies, and while I myself am not a fan of My Little Pony, I can understand where these people are coming from.

    I mean come on, even my parents who are pretty old, love Spongebob. It's the childish cartoons that surprisingly target absolutely every age group.

    Now, Korra is not exactly like it. I mean the popularity structure. Korra is less popular and less viral. There is nothing "wtf" about it, unlike about "grown men watching cartoons about pink ponies".

    It is, however, good, so it does have solid audience. That's my two cents.

  4. #273062012-05-26 21:06:31 *Ashkachan said:

    @InsaneBoredGame I didn't outright say that it sucked. I just typed that I didn't like it, politely may I add, and got some pretty bad hate messages. Same thing happened on Tumblr when I typed out why I didn't like Homestuck, again I did it as politely as I could.

    I've seen Korra fans not bash haters, just politely ask them why and move on. I mean... most of the fandom are older than the target audience, heh. (15-30 at the most.)

    I personally know a few bronys irl and well... they're kinda creepy. REALLY creepy.

    @IzayaChanKun Don't bring fucking off-topic drama on here, you ass.

  5. #273072012-05-26 21:10:16IzayaChanKun said:

    I'm just saiyen that the fanbase looks like it's heading in a really bad direction (3 "(NEW THREAD)" about Korra). I'm not dissing the show.

  6. #273142012-05-26 21:16:27Gargron said:

    I don't like Homestuck! I only like Jade because she is hot and because nsfwpancakes.

    I don't like Touhou either, but I like the fanart for it.

  7. #273202012-05-26 21:21:18Gargron said:

    @IzayaChanKun Yeah! There are fandoms that are better/more appealing than the original product, imo.

    That being said, I didn't experience anything bad from the Korra fandom, yet. So let's all be peaceful about it ♥

  8. #273642012-05-26 22:55:34Nandaba said:

    They only look alike because they are both subpar shows with shitty, subhuman people in their respective fandoms.