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  1. #273462012-05-26 21:58:31break said:

    i didnt watch the old anime cuz i was too young back then, and didnt read the manga except for some chapters back when BANZAI was still running in germany, because again i was too young and devoid of good internet back then, so i actually dont know wwhatll happen next in the story while im following the new anime.. (except for the natural spoilers you cant avoid when recherching some, liek the author and shit) but its pretty dammn awesome, also the concept; the whole thing is pretty much a deconstruction of shounen, whoch is awesome. deconstructions, if doen right, are generally very awesome, at least for me. also, apparently i am Henka.

  2. #273902012-05-27 01:39:18JoJoBird said:

    I got gegunka which is configuration.

    I loved this anime I saw it a little while ago and the remake is pretty good as well. It is a great show for people who love character development and story.

  3. #277262012-05-29 17:13:29IIEarlGreyII said:

    In general I don't like the new voices, but they aren't terrible.

    I dislike Hisoka's the most, the original was far more unique. But my main hope is that they actually FINISH the damn anime this time.