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  1. DC Nation

    #273342012-05-26 21:35:47InsaneBoredGame said:

    Because seriously, if we're having how many threads foe Korra, we need at least one for all of this new awesome cartoon stuff from DC.

    DC Nation is a block on Cartoon Network that airs two main shows (Young Justice and Green Lantern: the animated series) as well as a few one-shot shorts based on the comic's continuity.

    Let me also say this: It's actually better than the comics. Trufax.

  2. #273742012-05-26 23:13:38AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    DC nation is awesome. I really only watch it for Young Justice (Now Young Justice: Invasion), but the shorts and Green Lantern make for great time killers. They give me something to watch when there is nothing else on.

  3. #273892012-05-27 01:11:22JoJoBird said:

    I heard they're doing Teen Titan shorts with all of them as chibis, why not just bring the show back then? I have not seen Young Justice but it seems like one of those angsty shows but if it is like the old Justice League cartoons I should check it out.

  4. #274412012-05-27 16:52:30Claire-chan said:

    Ah. I watch DC nation every chance I get. XD I really only watch it for Young Justice, even tho they started showing Teen Titan shorts. They could just..bring it back. =____=U