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  1. Why Guys and Girls Can't Be Friends

    #274442012-05-27 17:12:31Trev said:

    While this isn't a scientific study, I tend to agree with its premise. What say you?

  2. #275752012-05-28 16:09:40Trev said:

    @DarkChaplain: watch and weep as I make another Durarara thread and THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT MWAHAHAHAHAHA

    Just kidding. No, in seriousness, I agree, and this thread will be gone shortly. But remember -- reposted content is only not new to the people around for the previous postings.

  3. #280382012-06-01 12:27:28T-man said:

    @Trev cool deal cool deal but what about if the first thread was locked or geeze what about the advice threads should have made a seperate section on the front page

  4. #283952012-06-03 20:57:18T-man said:

    This is BS anyway these men are like the commen wine brands thier all to similar some guys can just be nice any feel no attraction because constant attratction and perverted thoughts are so stupid. makes me miss my youth when you could play doctor with a girl and feel nothing weird at all it was just playing. and how can you say that with gay guys ...