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  1. Remember these nifty little things?

    #276882012-05-29 08:11:36 *Settsuo-kun said:
    I'm cleaning out the mess I call a pictures folder and came across this.

    I'm actually thinking of getting this made as my actual credit card theme. I'd have to change a few things, but it still would look good when buying stuff.

    Anyone else still have theirs?


    * This is not a thread for these cards to be requested or made.

    * If you feel you want to make cards create a new thread please

    * This is not a thread for the remembering of the dreaded
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    Numbers War
    . Don't start.

    *New guys please don't complain that you don't have one. It was years ago, cant change that fact.

    * Old guys please don't openly rub it in peoples faces, if you choose to show yours.

    Just covering all the bases, even if none of the above happens.