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  1. How would you improve the site?

    #277132012-05-29 14:23:53 *Flywalker37 said:

    Hello all, I was just thinking about some cool things the site could have to make the CL experience better.

    • Animated Splashpage (Pleeeeease?)

    • Sticky Threads for important topics (Like @Usagii's thread on Gravatars)

    • Separate CL DRRR-style Gravatar generator (so newfags won't have to dig through the archives, bless their little hearts)

    • IRC Channel (Why? Who knows?)

    • Picture dump (Or Picture link dump)

    • ID Card Generator (like this and this)

    • Links to facebook, email, dA, etc (Bringin' it back)

    and class just ended, so I'll update this list later, you get the idea.

    Fellow users, what would you like to see added to the site?

  2. #277202012-05-29 16:35:04JoJoBird said:

    Default Avatars being Wakko.

    I thought of a favorited threads list, like we get to track our favorite threads instead of having to search it everytime.

    I'll think of more later.

  3. #277212012-05-29 16:37:50Gargron said:

    I am not opposed to stickies except for "where are they stickied to?" We don't have boards/subforums like more common forums do, we have tags that are a lot more flexible and thus a lot less solid. Stickies on the frontpage can quickly become a bother if you have to scroll just to see if there is anything new under them. That was my problem on the old site, too.

  4. #277232012-05-29 16:44:27judar said:

    To improve the site I would say . . maybe we should give out free dictionaries? That would be good. /hithit/

  5. #277792012-05-29 22:05:53judar said:

    @Gargron I think DC's idea of grouping all the sticky threads is good but maybe you could keep them as they are and put a highlighter on there I was thinking something like this but far less tacky aha, so instead of actually moving them, if you were to go through all the pages they'd be there but if you wanted to see ALL of them you'd click where it says 'Stickies' and then you'd get them in a pretty bunch, you get me?


  6. #277802012-05-29 22:11:23Xyopq said:

    @Gargron how about needing only 1 person to thumb up, but 5 people to thumb down?

    Also, while your here, how do we get our badges back? <('.'<)

  7. #277832012-05-29 22:27:24 *momo said:

    Negativity is something we have been trying to stamp out, really. Thumbs down did nothing but add to the negativity. Even in this system, if we did implement them, I would be surprised if they were used properly and not as "I don't like this guy" buttons.

    EDIT: Badges are only handed out by mods for now, no user-handouts for them yet. This is due to the fact that they are kinda unwieldy at the moment, much like the polls. This will be fixed in the future. For now, if you think you qualify for a certain badge, speak with any of the mods or admins,m and we'll sort you out.

  8. #277892012-05-30 00:15:34Trev said:

    We already have an IRC channel. It's at #Colorless on Rizon. It's the Official CL Downtime Information Channel.

  9. #277932012-05-30 01:04:11eterno said:

    Suggestion page that will send emails to hello@thecolorless.net just like some online shops have perhaps?

    Because I'm too lazy to go to my e-mail website when I have a 'bright' idea (that will almost certainly get rejected anyway :p )

  10. #307732012-06-22 17:18:27Sol said:


    Trust me when i say, that the Admin's here WILL listen to what you have to say. instead of going to your email website, just pm admin, then it'll go from there. sometimes you'll get a reply sooner then expected, and sometimes, you're reply won't be read until the end of the day. Point is, they make sure to read it and come back to you. don't be scared to send you're Wall of text, thats exactly what they want.

  11. #278322012-05-30 12:12:30TalTal said:

    Badges please? Yeahhh, it might promote elitism but badges could also be given out to winners of contests and people who donate money. Like they used to be.

    1+ Facebook/dA/Twitter Profile links

  12. #278742012-05-30 19:38:21JoJoBird said:

    I thought up one right now, thread owners should have the option to make their posts an announcement so it'll post on the top of the page it was posted on. It is probably difficult to do but it seems like it would be good for organizing projects in a thread.

  13. #279242012-05-31 13:59:20 *Flywalker37 said:

    A weekly newsletter for all things geek?

    We could have cool articles about stuff... like,

    -@Trev's and @acostoss' Techie Time -@DarkChaplain's Game Corner / Literature Corner -A word from our founder, @Gargron. -Anime Reviews / Reccomendations etc...

    I'd be thrilled to see how that would turn out, but that's just me.

  14. #279342012-05-31 14:31:56 *Xyopq said:

    @Flywalker37 @DarkChaplain We'd need a permanent link in the sidebar to the latest edition, then it wouldn't get bogged down by other threads. The other problem is keeping it going as people tend to be unable to do it after a while due to IRL problems.

    I guess if we had a few people for each section it would be enough.

    There needs to be a new thread on this.

    EDIT: Oh, and we need a scroll bar on preview posts.