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  1. Can We Please Move Past Apple’s Silly, Faux-Real UIs?

    #279462012-05-31 16:23:57momo said:

    Your thoughts on this?

    To summarize, Apple's faux-real, or skeuomorphic, designs do more harm than good for usability. While one can argue that having an interface styled to appear similar to its real-life counterpart can make it easier for users to work it, it also lends itself to a lot of usability problems, ones that can be more easily fixed if you abandon the skeuomorphic approach entirely.

  2. #279892012-06-01 02:01:20Trev said:

    For the adoption of new technologies, skeuomorphism was once beneficial to create metaphors for items that people would understand (folders, drag-and-drop, pulldowns, etc) and I'm not so certain that it has entirely lost its benefits in that regard in 2012.

  3. #280412012-06-01 12:41:32momo said:

    While it hasn't lost its benefits entirely, the current generation in most developed countries has grown up around computers and has adopted different ideas/workflows that haven't a real-life counterpart. If we built more upon these, and rely less on form to dictate the function of a program, we could move to a more efficient future.