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  1. The Colorless Newsletter/Magazine

    #280592012-06-01 14:10:25 *Flywalker37 said:

    All right, Colorless. This is your fellow midfag Flywalker37 comin' at you with an old idea that you all might wish to attempt once more!

    The Colorless Newspaper.

    How'd you like a weekly newsletter for all things geek?

    We could have cool articles about stuff... like,

    • @Trev's and @acostoss' Techie Time (coding and stuff)
    • @DarkChaplain's Game Corner / Literature Corner (games n' books)
    • A word from our founder, @Gargron (cuz he's cool)
    • Anime Reviews / Reccomendations (for all you anime people)
    • Music highlights (from our users all around the world)
    • @Flywalker37's, @Inasda's, and @NomNomNyan's Manga, The Colorless: Contact (currently in production stage, thought it would be a good time for promoting it)

    @DarkChaplain, @Xyopq, @someone and @JoJoBird all approve of this idea...

    What about YOU?!

    We'd need people to take care of this... who's in?

  2. #280632012-06-01 15:19:03Xyopq said:

    Sign me up for some PS3/Vita based reviews. I could do a heads up for PS/SEN store releases and PS+ stuff. (Plus it will give me even more reason to buy games =D).

  3. #280812012-06-01 16:20:46momo said:

    I enjoy working with Adobe InDesign, but my past tells me I shouldn't say I will take part. I have a terrible track record with these types of things.

  4. #280852012-06-01 17:16:04JoJoBird said:

    CL investigative research team squad 5000 fun time SUPER SHOW.

    This would be really fun but I wouldn't like it as a thread due to getting lost to obscurity and the organization would be slightly messy .

  5. #281032012-06-01 20:06:36someone said:

    I might contribute to making the newsletter, depending on how busy I am. Also, maybe write drunken posts and tech related stuff.

  6. #281082012-06-01 20:24:57someone said:

    I would strongly suggest a monthly release, since that would allow more stuff to be put on by others, and more time to work on it.

  7. #281192012-06-01 21:40:03Xyopq said:

    For the music section:

    • General Music Thread
    • Someone to listen to all the songs we post
    • Top 10 songs from the thread that week the person likes, why and possibly a couple of other songs from the artist.