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  1. Oneword

    #281242012-06-01 22:34:15Settsuo-kun said:

    Oneword is a neat little website that basically tells you to write a story centered around that One Word

    It encourages you to just write, forget about everything else which can hinder you from even beginning to start. It really is challenging, but worth the effort if you keep at it.

    It's also a very fun way to get rid of writer's block.

  2. #281262012-06-02 00:00:09archangel said:

    word: convict there was a convict who fucked a girl and his wife and children only to save the world from a giant spaghetti monster little did he know he was summoning cthulhu now only chuck norris can stop him. and save the world from his chaotic reign.

  3. #282482012-06-02 18:56:19Kyuuun said:

    i used this website a bit ago oh ho hoo.

    Word: necessity

    Story: it’s a necessity to sell this. I can’t do anything else but sell this. She needs school supplies and I have to get this sold. We also need food. Why did he have to walk out? She died 10 years ago, why give up now? This is complete shit. I hate this and I need to end mine soon. FUCK.


  4. #282602012-06-02 20:14:44Deftones said:


    It is a necessity to spell this shit right. You have to believe in my ne-cess-ity yo, before I slap a hoe. You know why bro, don't be tripping on mah' doe. What the fuck is a doe?

  5. #282782012-06-02 23:02:05Domo said:

    Word: necessity

    It is anecedsirteduhjka g rwjflwgtnhbualjks NZXhow do ityoeelm bxlwrk strop typos wjhaty am id doing sixty seconds is not a lot of time omfg im sceewd ehpow i cant pleas estop this time limit th9giog n ists not fair stop it o shit i still have time holy fuck god blaess fuck how di do this

  6. #282792012-06-02 23:10:30Maryam said:


    wHY THE FUCK IS EVERONE'S WORD NECE--holy hit I was writing in caps. Duck me. I MEANT FUCK ME FOR GOD'S SAKE. Im shall no longer be using backspace. Woot woot. I dont know what to say. Mein gott. Necessity is a word that does things to people yeah uns. IDK.Please no.

    That's my 1st person narrative of a female with anxiety issues. I think I captured her thoughts pretty well, if you ask me.

  7. #282922012-06-03 00:39:46archangel said:

    word: necessity It was a necessity to destroy the human race with the plasma canon to my only regret that it was only in my dreams. it’s sad that everyone is a fuck-tard may we all go down a river of doom the end.

    wtf O.o

  8. #284422012-06-04 03:52:42Kyuuun said:

    word: cap

    story: A cap, that's what I was wearing that day. That was the thing that flew off of my head. I shouldn't have gotten drunk. Why did I have to drive? Now I'm stuck in this wheelchair for another year and a half and my best friend is in a coma. This is stupid, everything is so stupid. Fuck drinking and fuck driving. Never again.