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  1. Recommend music / Spotify

    #282122012-06-02 14:43:22Dango9 said:

    Hey! I've certainly seen music threads here, but not... not what I am thinking about. Here, recommend good music (bands or albums or songs) and link to Spotify URLs. I am using that program to listen to things and I don't like the clutter YouTube creates (more even because YouTube videos are not always available everywhere).

    So yeah, come on, recommend music using Spotify!

  2. #282472012-06-02 18:55:15VivoDePyre said:

    While I'm not looking to recommend music, I totally recommend Spotify Premium. For 9.99/mo, you get unlimited streaming and offline sync to your computer and phone, quality up to 320kbps MP3 for phones and -q9 OGG for desktop. Great selections, great customer support. There's also a well made dev version for Linux, seeking a full version soon. Considering premium is as much as one album per month, but for unlimited listening without ads, it's well worth it.

  3. #282592012-06-02 20:08:39 *Hikarigaiden said:

    Having youtube as your like, media player is... dirty...

    Spotify premium is totally worth it, by far the best way to be legal too. Then again I have 7000 songs not on there but that's because I try.

    On spotify though, I might look for Musical Swedish Happiness