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  1. Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 2012 conference

    #284062012-06-03 23:47:00 *Nandaba said:

    Did somebody say NINTENDOMINATION?

    (Watch it all. It's great. It's next-gen hype all over again.)

  2. #284082012-06-03 23:55:20Settsuo-kun said:

    All in all i'm extremely excited for the Wii U. I see a universe more of potential in it then in the Wii. It has the potential to actually change gaming this time around. It's catering to both hardcore and casual fans evidence for that is the support from third-party developers and the array of controllers to chose from. A pretty sweet social network with, MiiVerse. Wish they could give Mii's a bit more personality to really make it your own though. It's really going to be a killer holiday season if I must say so.

  3. #284782012-06-04 13:54:49Flywalker37 said:

    @DarkChaplain, please refrain from smashing the place with your Sony fanboyism~ Oh well, haters gonna hate.

    I am SO getting this WiiU shit, and modding the hell out of it. Can you say touchscreen controller for PC? XDDDD

    New TLoZ, new Mario, new Metroid, new F-Zero... and a new SSB? Fuck yes!!


  4. #285042012-06-04 21:10:33 *Ethereal said:

    This thing....looks....amazing.... DO WANT!!! I just told myself too, "No reason to watch E3 this year! Enough of console games for me!!" Welp, bye to that thought!

  5. #287182012-06-06 16:39:14ShadowInsanityMaster said:

    I love to play Nintendo game's all the time...and also nintendo game's are aewsome...i have alot of then...thenk's nintendo...i dont know what were really talking about in the nintendo chat but its good enough...either way i love nintendo!...not dought's about it!...

  6. #287732012-06-06 23:11:22Flywalker37 said:

    The third-party games are good, bad, and ugly, but the first-party games /almost/ never disappoint. Bring it Nintendo, we're waiting.

    If the controllers use Bluetooth like the predecessor, then that sexy 360-esque wiiu pro controller will go along nicely with GlovePIE and a couple MMO's. Nintendo is pretty much the only company who made an actually decent Bluetooth controller, fo'sho.

  7. #287832012-06-07 06:34:57Neko-Chan said:

    I don't like that it is losing its backwards compatibility with the game cube... It seems that Nintendo likes to keep the last gens games available only to kill them in an update. (The DS series for an example) Sure I still have my old gamecube and still play the hell out of it (I didn't buy a Wii sorry) but that is something I am looking forward to within a console, to be able to practically throw in any game and play it. Or to be able to make use of the new hardware via the old console (via input/output?) That is my two cents.