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  1. Help expand this!

    #285802012-06-05 19:42:45Gargron said:

    It is our history and it is interesting. Me and @acostoss and @Lycan and some more people are working on it, but help is appreciated. Disclaimer: I post this as a user, not as an admin. This is not an official thread. The wiki is also not an official thing, it is fan-based.

    As the wiki rules say, please do not create pages for users, unless those are important to the site's history or environment! As a dev, I am working on making the on-site profiles extendable enough for all purposes, so keep the wiki clean of the User:MyName stuff.

    All other initiative is appreciated. Thanks! ♥

  2. #285822012-06-05 19:53:15Gargron said:

    P.S. I am aware the history contains some negative things, about me among other things. I plan to document my ragequits and dumb things on my page, but I would like to ask you to not become rude or hateful, as that is A Bad Thing.

    You know who you are ;*

  3. #286112012-06-05 21:58:34TalTal said:

    I wish someone would write about the Newfag/Oldfag war of Aug 2011. But write it like it's some epic that's been passed down through history since the times of old.

  4. #286142012-06-05 22:06:42 *someone said:

    "The Newfag Revolution"

    edit: k wrote a short overview of it in history. It might deserve an article of its own.