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  1. #288112012-06-07 17:48:35Deftones said:

    They need to mount paintball guns on the front legs, and have one inside the mouth. Also, put LED lights in the eyeballs~

  2. #288592012-06-07 21:59:33Gargron said:

    Hey, remember the artist who made art installations out of human corpses? This is a lot less disgusting than that. It's even funny, in a grotesque way.

    But please, OP, fix "helecopter" to "helicopter".

  3. #288782012-06-08 01:23:56 *eterno said:

    According to media reports, Jansen kept Orville's body in a freezer for about six months, before taking him to a taxidermist and attaching a plastic propeller to each of his four paws. Then he put a remote control engine inside the stomach of the cat, and after a few false starts, the "Orvillecopter" achieved lift-off.

    Dude, who the fuck puts their dead pet in a freezer?


    If you meant the "Bodies" exhibition, it's not really that disgusting at all. Eventually you'll get used to the dead bodies and in fact, it's fun to mess around with them bodies.

    Might sound morbid but try going yourself. It's amazing how even my squeamish sister would even laugh at the face of the dead, literally.

  4. #288792012-06-08 01:27:31Deftones said:

    An artist. Artists are mostly poor right? Maybe this guy was keeping the cat just incase he need something to eat.