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Cheating Males

  1. #290032012-06-09 06:46:48Trev said:

    My personal policy is: if you came into this relationship with the understanding that it was monogamous and then he proceeded to act in a way that wasn't -- he violated your trust in the most fundamental of ways. I wouldn't stand for it.

  2. #290062012-06-09 08:35:16Ecstasy said:

    why not become awesome enough so that people wouldn't even think about cheating on you?..

    @senkono ah ♥, lets just drop the whole societal standards thing, females are not designed just for one man either. who even needs relationships if we can just fuck whomever we want? spread the love~

  3. #297132012-06-15 03:07:41Trev said:

    @Ecstasy I used to think that it worked like that. It turns out that people are so different and so fickle, that there's no way to cheater-proof yourself except to not pick cheaters.

  4. #290082012-06-09 09:01:32 *Chou said:

    Yes, if he cheated once then he might cheat again. This happened to my best friend, her boyfriend cheated on her once. But she decided to not break up with him, a several years later he cheated on her again. They're not a couple anymore.

    Anyway, leaving this here.

  5. #290102012-06-09 09:39:03Candytenshi said:

    I don't see your relationship working out like that. It would be stupid not to dump him. He doesn't seem to be content with you so you don't have to be contented with him either.

  6. #290322012-06-09 18:37:32 *Momimochi said:

    Oh, though now that I think about it, there ARE couples out there who establish some kind of a "One Night Stand" policy in their relationship.

    It's basically like, if your partner decides to get it on with another person say, once a month, as long as there's nothing personal going on afterwards, then all's fine. .......I'm pretty damned sure not everyone would be comfortable with that idea.

  7. #290482012-06-10 00:20:05VivoDePyre said:

    I'd say in any case, there is no blanket answer. Even in the case of cheating boyfriends, people can make mistakes. Misunderstandings can be had, and temptation is a difficult thing to resist. I wouldn't say to break up with a person because they make a mistake. It's how they treat that mistake or what happens next.

  8. #290492012-06-10 00:35:29 *Paul said:

    Do what you will-whether it's dumping him, staying with him, or killing him with a hatchet(Higurashi is totes cool, yo). They handfucked each other, it's kinda up to you to decide how significant that will be to you. Just don't let your emotions linger over it for too long.

    But on a different note, if you dislike negative emotions or you can't possibly think of leaving the love of your life, start a threesome. Fighting over guys would be bothersome as well so open up instead of letting yourself get possessive. My point is, many alternatives. Don't be so black and white about your options. Edit: also, how'd you even find out about him cheating on you?

  9. #290692012-06-10 06:06:35AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I wouldn't care if he knew that you knew or not. That's not the point. What you're asking is whether you should dump him or stay with him. You wouldn't be asking that if you weren't upset with what happened. (Even though you claim to be numb to the situation.) So the answer I will give you is simple.

    Dump him.

  10. #290762012-06-10 07:42:11Noodle said:

    @VivoDePyre It's a random thread on the internet. The OP wronged the cheater too if smearing names is a problem here. This thread should have been locked, because if she wanted help theres lots of places she could turn to anonymously. And by that I mean professional help.

  11. #290792012-06-10 09:12:59Lumiex said:

    @Noodle It's tagged correctly and it's generating mostly good discussion and feedback. Why shouldn't she be able to post a thread like this?

  12. #290802012-06-10 09:36:07NomNomNyan said:

    I got cheated on once, I called him up and dumped him straight away!

    But don't smash his shit up, break into his house or terrorise him for 3 weeks. Believe me, that shit solved nothing!

  13. #290872012-06-10 10:02:56 *Noodle said:

    @Lumiex I would say this thread is basically for bitching about her boyfriend and I cant really see much good coming from it. If you actually need help with things like this you don't go to a random internet forum. But that's just my opinion.

  14. #291002012-06-10 14:40:05cherry-chan said:

    DUMP HIM!!!! im new to the site btw ) umm well my bf just cheated on me too and i dumped him soooooo fast. best decision of my life.