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  1. Badge Suggestion Thread

    #292622012-06-12 13:18:19Xyopq said:

    So the profile pages have just had an overhaul and one of the changes is the implementation of badges.

    Of course there can always be more, so post your suggestions here!

    Format Idea:

    Badge Name:

    Badge Pic (or a description of what it would look like):


    A few of mine:

    Badge Name: The 1%

    Badge Pic: http://thecolorless.net/uploads/840/5W_original.png (or a monocle)

    Description: This user has climbed their way to the top percentile. And what do they get for it? Why a badge of course!

    Badge Name: Editor

    Badge Pic (or a description of what it would look like):


    Description: This user regularly returns to posts to correct their mistakes, or to add more style and splendour to a post.

    Badge Name: The Gamer

    Badge Pic (or a description of what it would look like):


    Description: This user is an avid gamer and regularly posts in the gaming section.

    (Also a similar badge for anime, music, discussion, colorless, art, etc.)

  2. #292672012-06-12 13:55:54 *Fieyr said:

    What about something like this for the 1% thing. But with a more CL style like the other badges.


    I'll post some suggestions later.

  3. #292732012-06-12 14:27:06Gargron said:

    Also a Homestuck badge, because it's a whole new level of anything.

    And a special fangirl badge. You know, those people who get really excited over pictures of Loki and Sherlock and boys love.

  4. #292762012-06-12 14:50:17MrTrain said:

    Badge Name: The Badgeless Badge Pic (or a description of what it would look like): http://warriorcatclansoftheforest.webs.com/Not%20allowed%20sign.gif Description: For the people who will never get badges.

    Badge Name: Train Badge Pic (or a description of what it would look like):


    Description: A skilled fighter in Zombie kickbutting.

  5. #292872012-06-12 15:38:35 *Settsuo-kun said:

    "They Bought Sexy Back Again and Again" (title subject to change)

    • For regular posting of pics on the IRL Picture thread. This thread really needs a badge.

    "The Trender"


    • Awarded for creating a thread which sparked "GOOD" conversation.

    The Trending"


    • Same as above, but for numerous topics.

    "I Think You Meant You're"

    • A notorious Grammer Nazi, Can they catch they're mistakes?



    • They know it's not, but they post hoping your boss catches you in the act.
  6. #293282012-06-12 18:41:46Fieyr said:

    Xyopq - I like it. However we might want to make it ourselves from scratch, as that's just something I found from a random Google search. Don't want to be infringing on anything ya know? I was just posting that for reference/inspiration.

  7. #293352012-06-12 19:12:57 *Fieyr said:

    Not to be horribly picky, but you might also change the hat up. Personally, I don't like how it slopes down to meet the brim. Seems like it should be wider and with a 90 degree angle when it meets the brim. The width of the brim is good though. Like so..


  8. #293442012-06-12 19:52:16 *Shirosuke said:

    @Fieyr that is beautiful <3

    Since there is an AMV contest badge, is it ok to have a Coliseum badge for all the participants in the Colorless Coliseum as well?? I know that it wasn't an official contest, but I think it did receive wide enough attention to warrant giving all the serious participants a badge!!

    Just to show community spirit for the event ;w;

    Badge Name: Coliseum Warrior

    Description: This member has participated in the Arena!

    Picture: A shield that is similar to the logo I made for the contest.



    And for YumiToho http://i.imgur.com/Eh9LZ.png