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Bad Habits

  1. #297862012-06-15 14:49:25Candytenshi said:

    My shallow habits would be peeling the skin off my lips and leaving them with small cuts all over, being very blunt to everyone, especially in real life and.. finishing books and shows so quickly, I don't even get to enjoy them for a long time (that is important to me!).

    Shallow ones, yeah. I stopped drinking two years ago. Seriously. A promise to @DarkChaplain. I'm such an innocent girl, yo~

  2. #298212012-06-15 18:55:19Kyuuun said:

    coffee. im 14 and its like, horrible but every single morning i either make myself a cup for the road (the bus to school) or i walk to starbucks and get iced coffee. it's so bad for me and ive like, stopped growing oh my god i cant stop its the best ever. its a necessity to get me through the day as well.

  3. #309512012-06-24 08:14:19AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I procrastinate and almost never finish what I start. Either I'm not motivated enough with what I want to do or lose too much interest before the finish, but both those habits always get me.

  4. #309542012-06-24 08:26:18sonanoka said:

    I keep screwing up my sleep schedule by staying up later than I should, then sleep in, and whenever I try to fix it I just fall back into the same habit.

    I talk about people behind their backs. They honestly deserve it, but I know one day it'll catch up to me.

    I spend way too much time looking up dirty pictures on the internet, I honestly should try to keep a limit on how often I spend my time doing that but... that won't happen.

    With online communities, I always have a female avatar and a name that is fairly gender-neutral. I pick the avatar because it's cute! But people are always surprised to find out I am a guy. I suppose it's a bad habit in it's own way.

  5. #309892012-06-24 17:42:11judar said:

    @DarkChaplain Wha-- I shall have to work on easing these habits to something more . . . non-violent ; w ;

    Err, well I bite my nails sometimes and I lose things constantly; also I'm REALLLLLLYYYY clumsy ; A ;

  6. #311842012-06-27 00:14:22Dec said:

    I have the bad habit of gathering positive feelings about people when really I just hate everyone. Also, I'm a little clumsy and tend to say sorry to just about anything I bump into.

  7. #312132012-06-27 06:57:28Chestnut_Rice said:


    and tend to say sorry to just about any thing I bump in to

    I apologize to trees and poles when I brush against them by accident. Even if no body's around. It's a Canadian thing in general, don't worry about it. Make sure to keep your distance if you ever go to America, they'll think you're weird.

  8. #324402012-07-08 20:15:12T-man said:


    Listening to the many voices in my head sometimes not so good OH GAWD

  9. #551502013-05-08 08:42:35Rune said:

    My habit is that I keep coming to this site even when I really shouldn't be doing so. Especially during finals or when the weather is nice outside. I'm more upset about the latter though.

  10. #551522013-05-08 08:58:01deng said:

    I'm addicted to talking. Can't stop doing that. But only with people I trust, cuz others are pussies and can't handle the truth.

  11. #551582013-05-08 12:23:54CloudVariasKira said:

    I on very rare occasion accept a drink and have only smoked once just to get trying it out of my system, plus a it was offered by a girl, so thought I’d play cool. Otherwise I want to be as healthy as possible. My real bad habits consist of constant staring, and I tend to grind my teeth, I grow, and I tend to create awkward moments for people. My only other problem is that I am a relentless pervert.

  12. #551602013-05-08 13:38:20Cenica said:

    Ehhh...bad habits... Guess if any of the habits I had were bad it'd probably be that I always restart vid games I haven't played in a while. Then there's the fact that I repaint or remove nail polish if I find a chip in it. (Not good on your nails mind you.) When I'm lazy I don't put stuff back in it's spot properly and just throw it somewhere. (Making it hard to find later.) Actually think I have a bit of OCD because I have a tendency to restart stories that I haven't worked on in a while also... Oh here's one. I get annoyed easily at stupidity. Is that a bad habit? Maybe just a pet peeve. I have a few of those. I have a lot of habits but none that I can say are definitely bad...