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Bad Habits

  1. #298212012-06-15 18:55:19Kyuuun said:

    coffee. im 14 and its like, horrible but every single morning i either make myself a cup for the road (the bus to school) or i walk to starbucks and get iced coffee. it's so bad for me and ive like, stopped growing oh my god i cant stop its the best ever. its a necessity to get me through the day as well.

  2. #309512012-06-24 08:14:19AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I procrastinate and almost never finish what I start. Either I'm not motivated enough with what I want to do or lose too much interest before the finish, but both those habits always get me.

  3. #309892012-06-24 17:42:11judar said:

    @DarkChaplain Wha-- I shall have to work on easing these habits to something more . . . non-violent ; w ;

    Err, well I bite my nails sometimes and I lose things constantly; also I'm REALLLLLLYYYY clumsy ; A ;

  4. #311842012-06-27 00:14:22Dec said:

    I have the bad habit of gathering positive feelings about people when really I just hate everyone. Also, I'm a little clumsy and tend to say sorry to just about anything I bump into.

  5. #312132012-06-27 06:57:28Chestnut_Rice said:


    and tend to say sorry to just about any thing I bump in to

    I apologize to trees and poles when I brush against them by accident. Even if no body's around. It's a Canadian thing in general, don't worry about it. Make sure to keep your distance if you ever go to America, they'll think you're weird.

  6. #324402012-07-08 20:15:12T-man said:


    Listening to the many voices in my head sometimes not so good OH GAWD

  7. #551502013-05-08 08:42:35Rune said:

    My habit is that I keep coming to this site even when I really shouldn't be doing so. Especially during finals or when the weather is nice outside. I'm more upset about the latter though.

  8. #551522013-05-08 08:58:01deng said:

    I'm addicted to talking. Can't stop doing that. But only with people I trust, cuz others are pussies and can't handle the truth.

  9. #551582013-05-08 12:23:54Cloud-VK said:

    I on very rare occasion accept a drink and have only smoked once just to get trying it out of my system, plus a it was offered by a girl, so thought I’d play cool. Otherwise I want to be as healthy as possible. My real bad habits consist of constant staring, and I tend to grind my teeth, I grow, and I tend to create awkward moments for people. My only other problem is that I am a relentless pervert.

  10. #551602013-05-08 13:38:20Cenica said:

    Ehhh...bad habits... Guess if any of the habits I had were bad it'd probably be that I always restart vid games I haven't played in a while. Then there's the fact that I repaint or remove nail polish if I find a chip in it. (Not good on your nails mind you.) When I'm lazy I don't put stuff back in it's spot properly and just throw it somewhere. (Making it hard to find later.) Actually think I have a bit of OCD because I have a tendency to restart stories that I haven't worked on in a while also... Oh here's one. I get annoyed easily at stupidity. Is that a bad habit? Maybe just a pet peeve. I have a few of those. I have a lot of habits but none that I can say are definitely bad...

  11. #552872013-05-10 12:59:42Truchie said:

    I have one really bad pet peeve but it only applies to my parents or people I look up to. When they get drunk and I try talking to them( which is mission impossible) they give me this face as if they can't understand a word I say. They give this smug smile that makes me so mad.

  12. #552882013-05-10 13:31:56Dec said:

    I have a bad habit of if I've stayed the night at someones house I wake up before everyone else and tidy everything because I can't stand being in dirty places. Once I've finished tidying up I usually sneak out while everyone is still sleeping and walk home because I cope better knowing that I left it tidy even though like an hour after they all wake up it'll be all chaotic mess again.

  13. #552982013-05-10 16:59:25Dec said:

    @Noodle Ummm, I do usually get phone calls asking whereabouts am I but they are kinda used to me just randomly disappearing on them xD

  14. #553052013-05-10 18:23:23Dec said:

    @deng As much as I appreciate your invite to your parties, I don't think I can appreciate nor want to be locked in anywhere. So I probably would spend my time somewhere else >: