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  1. Talking to Yourself

    #297032012-06-15 02:03:21 *Gazelle said:
    IDK if this happens a lot now but, have you seen moments that a seiyu is talking to himself? simply put a seiyu that dubs two voices talking to each other.


    Sakata Gintoki(Gintama) talking to Usui kazeyoshi(sket dance) CV:Sugita Tomokazu

    Itoshiki Mikoto & Itoshiki Nozomu CV: Kamiya Hiroshi
  2. #299132012-06-16 15:48:07 *Flywalker37 said:

    The GintaSket crossover was fucking genius, even if I do say so myself. It was funny.


    "Talkin' to myself because I am my own consultant" - Lil' Wayne

    When you talk to yourself, you get the answers deep inside yourself that you need to move the fuck on.


  3. #302562012-06-19 16:10:41MyogiWarrior34 said:

    The person that I talk with by myself: a hot 5"8 girl (same height as me) who's forever 18, a ninja wearing a blue dogi, slightly revealing with a swan drawn on the cloth covering her pa-censored- with brown-orange long hair and hazelnut eyes, who speaks my mind out when I am engrossed in my own rage/emotion/state of being.

  4. #305562012-06-21 13:33:10 *DeathByBiscuit said:

    I talk to myself all the time, I already said this on a different thread , anyways I really need to talk to myself especially when I'm given problems at school, usually to reach a conclusion I have to discuss the different possible answers and try to reason on which is the right one, for that talk to myself.... And when I'm bored while walking to school.

  5. #313102012-06-28 09:09:45AnubisHellsing said:

    Nothing wrong with talking to yourself, heck I do it when I'm having a tough time trying to come up with a solution or having a bad day. Like the moment when your at your lowest point, sometimes it's good to reassure yourself, to tell yourself that everything is going to be okay and that what ever happens there will be a solution, that everyone will have the same ending.

    So yea I talk to myself, nothing wrong with it.

  6. #313642012-06-28 20:49:28Sutol said:

    How about that episode in Naruto Shippuden when he had that dream of his shadow clones going against him? XD That was a pretty funny epsiode...

  7. #415592012-10-30 15:01:25I-love-this-stuff said:

    I talk to myself so much so that I tend to talk to myself in public XD and yes that was a good episode when Naruto had to fight his clones in his dream :D

  8. #601832013-07-01 11:32:02muckoanggono said:

    I talk to myself to creep people out. Some even believed that I can talk to beings like ghost. While the truth is I can't, I can only see them.

  9. #601972013-07-01 15:44:33 *johan_5179 said:

    EvAbridged 1.0/2.0/3.0

    Evangelion Parody about an Evangelion movie or some such thing.

    People with the same voice-characters - Shinji and Gendo Ikari some dude named Devilkicksanji 2 (this was a fandub)

    which was a shock to me. Why? Look at the first 40 seconds. For non-Eva fans, (bless you) it is the kid and the voice on the phone in the beginning. Also, all 4 military men were voiced by DawnofHell. Which is sort of funny.

  10. #601982013-07-01 15:49:25 *Ecstasy said:

    @johan_5179 a post on the actual topic of this thread?.. I thought this would never happen and everyone will just continue posting about them talking to themselves ignoring the OP just because of the thread's tittle.

  11. #602022013-07-01 16:03:10Wolfangle said:

    I talk to myself when I'm trying to start a convo when texting a friend..I literally just talk out a convo id hope would happen between us & continue planning it out..Also, when I try to pep talk myself for something.

  12. #602072013-07-01 17:56:21 *n1xx said:

    An example I personally enjoy is Johnny Yong Bosch voicing both Yu Narukami and Adachi Tohru in the English dub of Persona 4: The Animation.

    In a panel he held at Montreal's ComicCon last year, Johnny explained needing to aim an even higher pitch for Adachi's voice(compared to how he was voiced in the video game), in order to create more contrast between both characters.

    The following are two of the many scenes where this occurs.

    (If you eventually plan on watching the series or playing the game, I must warn you that these two videos include considerable spoilers.)