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  1. is anime made not in japan really anime?

    #300592012-06-17 22:54:13 *cloluna said:

    So i was wondering, if you an anime styled show, it could be in english, japanese, or any other language, but it is made in somewhere thats not japan, then is it considered anime? For example, the avatar series (the last airbender, legend of korra) are anime styled shows but its made in america, is it considered anime? My opinion is that it is anime but I'd like to know what others think as well.

  2. #300632012-06-17 23:02:38 *13 said:

    All animation from japan - anime.

    All other animation from other countries - other animation.

    I also don't consider dubbed anime "legit anime", so to speak.

  3. #300642012-06-17 23:15:15TokoyamiSenshi said:

    Anime refers to any animation. It just happens that in the country where it originated, a distinct style of animation exists. It is in fact a weeaboo word, because it's just a Japanese word for cartoons, and getting offended when anime is called a cartoon is also a weeboo thing to do. That said, the word has already stuck so there's no helping it.

  4. #300662012-06-17 23:20:16 *Momimochi said:

    They're pretty much the same thing, but I just use different terms for them. And the term "anime" came from animation or something like that.

    Like manga, manhwa, manhua, they literally mean the same thing. Really only separated so one can tell where it's made, probably.

    So yeah. I would much rather refer to these "American anime" as "Animations" or "Cartoons".

    Simply put: I consider them as similar things but not entirely the same thing.


    Like manga, manhwa, manhua, they literally mean the same thing.

    Literally meaning the same thing, as in, the Hanzi(漫畵/漫画)/Kanji(漫画)/Hanja (漫畵) pretty much have no difference at all, save for the different (lol just simplified and traditional Chinese) variations of the same character.

  5. #300692012-06-17 23:53:48NGH said:

    The style of animation in Legend of Korra is a tribute to asian culture, like the series itself. It's also animated in Korea which probably adds to the overall feeling.

  6. #300802012-06-18 02:53:10shafnat said:

    i think it is how the animator want his animation looks like. if he wants his animation an "anime" and wanted people admit that his animation is an "anime". with the condition he must make his animation has a characteristic of the real "anime" that has made from japan.. it is just my inside perspective, so i guess i'm not right at all.. and then, i'm an indonesian, and i'm working on writing manga. i'm not writing it on japan or with japanese person. but i intend my comic called "manga" and i use japanese "manga" drawing style, do my manga still called a "manga"? the borrower arrietty is walt disney motion picture studio present's.. right? is it still called an anime?

  7. #300852012-06-18 03:56:48eterno said:

    The style of animation in Legend of Korra is a tribute to asian culture, like the series itself. It's also animated in Korea which probably adds to the overall feeling.

    All American animation since the 1990s are outsourced to Korea, so in conclusion, ALL AMERICAN CARTOONS SINCE 1990s ARE ANIME :p

    Anyway, anime is short for animation. Japanese people are lazy that they wouldn't want to pronounce a whole word or phrase if they think it's too loong. A good example is 'pasokon' for 'personal computer' or 'PC'.

    When Americans started to promote PCs they used the whole phrase and not the short form of 'PC' that we know of today. Because Japanese always needs vowels after a consonant, 'PC' just wouldn't fly and the Japanese were to busy working overtime in their overpaid job to buy overpriced goods that they had no time to pronounce the whole phrase over the cubicles. And thus, they invented the word 'pasokon' and then Americans invented 'PC' and the Japanese are still kicking themselves for inventing a longer short form for PCs.

    The same deal goes for anime. Although in this case it was invented because "TVアニメーション" just isn't marketable and asking mangaka to stylize the "ション" would increase the overhead budget. So thanks to the accountants and the marketing department, "アニメ" was born.

    And yes, basically 'anime' and 'animation' are the same thing in Japan. So, every animation made anywhere in the world is colloquially called an 'anime' in Japan. If anything, it's THEM that are too weeaburgery to use their own word for animation, "動画".

  8. #300862012-06-18 04:02:23cloluna said:

    @shafnat well the borrower arietty was actually made by a japanese person in studio ghibli(in japan). i kinda reffer to it as the disney of japan. anyway, my opinion is that your manga would be considered manga. if its japanese style drawings and its published manga style, then it should be considered a manga instead of a comic right! i mean, do you really have to be a japanese person or live in japan to make your manga/anime legit?even if everythings the exact same as traditional manga/anime, the only difference being the authors nationality? :(

  9. #300912012-06-18 04:34:56shafnat said:

    @Inasda : so, you conclude "Anime" is an animation that made when i'm not in japan or in the japanese organization. not an type of animation.

  10. #300962012-06-18 05:07:42Zefferno said:

    Anime (アニメ?, [anime]; i/ˈænɨmeɪ/ or /ˈɑːnɨmeɪ/) is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of "animation." In Western countries, anime refers to a style of animation originating in Japan, characterized by colorful graphics and often featuring themes intended for an adult audience.[1]

    This is straight from wikipedia, if you couldn't tell. In all honesty it really doesn't matter what you call it. All anime and cartoons are animation, its just what you call it. Like@eterno mentioned its just what people in japan called animated shows. It really doesn't matter if you call it a cartoon or anime, but anime just specifies where it came from and the style of drawing.

  11. #301022012-06-18 05:52:23Momimochi said:

    ........ Okay, fact:

    The terms are pretty much used for either the style or where its origin is.

    Again, this is a FACT, not something that you can really argue with

    Of course, there are people with preferences to calling them whatever (like me, but I pretty much categorize all of my animations country-wise. Unless if I don't know what to call it. Like Korean cartoons. I call them Gook-toons.) but fact remains fact, it really means the same damn thing. If you don't like it, get over it. If you're too weeaboo to accept something like that, same thing applies; get over it.

    Good? We ready to accept this? Yes? Okay. I thought so.

  12. #301062012-06-18 06:13:01JoJoBird said:

    Anime are cartoons?!?!?!?!?!?! MY LIFE IS RUINED

    I have had this conversation with people before and they explicitly try to tell me there is a big difference between cartoons and and anime, some have even said "anime are for adults while cartoons are childish." which I disagree with 100%