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  1. Yesterday was Father's day but...

    #301802012-06-18 20:00:43 *PigBoss said: Cherish your parents and loved ones before they go away forever.

    That is all.

    I guess since I haven't seen a Father's day thread, I'll dedicate this thread to appreciating people that are really close to you.

    Animal Crossing theme dedicated to @Kyuuun and anyone who has ever played the game.

  2. #302102012-06-18 23:29:37eterno said:

    aww you shifted the balance of nature again...

    anyway, are you supposed to give a present or something? because we don't really celebrate father's/mother's day because the dates are unmarked on the calendar (and thus we only know that they're on when the malls started to milk them for everything that they worth)

  3. #302222012-06-19 04:46:37 *mizlily said:

    Yesterday was father's day, I spent my day happily not celebrating it. The end :3

    See how simple things are so much more better?

  4. #302512012-06-19 14:01:309mm said:

    to blow out the bubble, the virtual mother in Animal Crossing sends you the letters and sometimes presents weekly. just saying.

    and my cousin, who is Korean drew this.

    again, just saying.