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  1. Otakon 2012

    #302192012-06-19 04:37:15 *InvisibleRainbow said:

    Going to Otakon 2012! :3 I am really late on figuring out my cosplay.. but -sigh- it ultimately doesnt matter cuz people tolerate sucky cosplays bahaha anyway, idk.. maybe if people wanna try another meet up again? or just say who is going.. etc XP

  2. #302202012-06-19 04:39:34Trev said:

    I will certainly be there though I am leaving Sunday morning. Send me a PM if you'd like to meet up

  3. #302552012-06-19 15:02:42Sammi said:

    its in Maryland? Thats like a three hour drive from where i live. If I knew about this, I totally would've made plans to go.

    I hope you have fun! :D

  4. #303592012-06-20 02:29:01Trev said:

    @sonanoka If you have even the slightest amount of social anxiety, you are more self-aware than 99% of the people there and have nothing to worry about. You will be one of the most normal people there

  5. #303692012-06-20 04:44:26Trev said:

    It's not so bad. You would be more than welcome there; they don't judge and there's every kind of person there. I'm sure you'd find a few people to fall in with.

  6. #326722012-07-10 05:26:53InvisibleRainbow said:

    Im so happy more CL are going this year as well!! :] @kagxhiel did you find out if you are going or not?

    and @trev are you cosplaying?

    @sonanoka although you say you arent a big enough fan to go, if you took the time to search and find the colorless.. i think youd love it ;) plus people are so friendly! i love cons :'3

  7. #327002012-07-10 14:36:04Takanashi said:

    If the one you saw last year was a slightly large Asian dude with glasses and a squarish face, then yes, that'd be him. Probably. xD

  8. #330702012-07-12 15:10:53Takanashi said:

    @invisiblerainbow Possibly, possibly. :P An acquaintance of mine made the octopus plush that I have. She (Studio Kitsu) should have an artist alley booth at Otakon this year. You can't miss it~ She usually has other color/patterned octopi in stock and if she made any for Otakon, a bunch of ponies. xD

  9. #336732012-07-18 06:53:16InvisibleRainbow said:

    @Trzaska hahaha aww poor baby xD i hate that with cosplays too : ( thats why i picked hannah annafellows last year and i didnt find another tan character (cuz im spanish :P) so i did glaceon (pokemon if you didnt know or w/e) so i feel your pain but really.. i got over it tho this year tho :P kinda.. cuz im doing a troll (from homestuck) so i have to be grey xD and im a perfectionist too x-x so its torture but practice makes perfect XP but yay youre going! and yay in cosplay! :] meet up sounds good :P

    @Takanashi oooo x] hopefully ill see her booth!! ill def get something!!

  10. #338582012-07-20 21:11:38 *Takanashi said:

    @Trzaska Love is very welcome~

    @InvisibleRainbow I'll let you hug it if you find me. xD

    @Fuse I can't. I don't know anyone working at registration to get you a free badge. You could volunteer and try to get your money back. :D

    Maybe I'll get you in next year? :D