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  1. Leaked Documents Show the U.N.'s Internet Power Grab

    #302802012-06-19 18:11:38Gargron said:

    What it shows is breathtaking. First, China is proposing "to give countries authority over the information and communication infrastructure within their state" and require that online companies "operating in their territory" use the Internet "in a rational way"- in short, to legitimize full government control.

    Second, several proposals would give the U.N. power to regulate online content for the first time, under the guise of protecting against computer malware or spam.

    Third, Russia and some Arab countries are proposing to be able to inspect private communications such as email.

    Fourth, Iran and Russia are proposing new rules to measure Internet traffic along national borders and bill the originator of the traffic, as with international phone calls - essentially creating national toll booths for data.

    Fifth, there is a proposal that would give the U.N. control over the Internet's Domain Name System, replacing ICANN which operates under a contract from the U.S. Commerce Department.

  2. #302842012-06-19 18:29:18Lumiex said:

    Last time I checked Garnyan, nyan nyan percent of my friends knew squat about SOPA and CISPA. What to do? I don't want to sit here to get screwed over 5 years later. Internet life would be QQ